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REVIEW | MSI CH120 Gaming Chair: Dragon’s Throne

MSI defies the norm of slapping a brand logo in an OEM chair for integration of a gaming chair to a line up by releasing the MSI CH120.

Clearly there are some notable cosmetic changes present in the chair but overall the chair performed well and shined on some specific aspects such as tanking huge weight.

What’s in The Box

The CH120 alike other gaming chairs come in a bulky box – Sadly, the box suffers from the absence of a carrying grip like other chairs. The parts are packed neatly and assembly seems possible even with medium built people alone.

Diving into the Dragon’s Throne

The CH120 looks like any other buffed gaming chair but surely some of the cosmetic features makes it easy to distinguish from other chairs. The carbon fiber getup it did to skip on the black accent is a nice touch.

MSI’s throne is reminiscent of other smaller form gaming chairs. Retaining the smooth and fast movement of smaller chairs and buffing the form of the seat without being too obstructive.

The CH120 doesn’t feel like an OEM chair – rather it fulfills an MSI chair itself. The pillows doesn’t even feel like cheap stiff ones found on default OEM gaming chairs.

Build and Performance

MSI never skipped out on high quality material for this chair as steel is the main material for the frame and feet of the CH120.

One thing that struck me in trying and testing out the CH120 – It never squeaks or make weird noises upon moving any parts. This is something to take note of as this is prominent on most cheap OEM chairs. The CH120 moves smoothly even with a bigger than usual frame.

The CH120 has a complete set of adjustable features as far as the majority of gamers are concerned. From the fully reclinable backrest, variable height, angle and forward position of the arm rest to the basic gas cyclinder. The CH120 completes the gaming chair package without any hiccups.

A note from a friend who has an above average body build is “The chair performs and handles my weight well, it is worth taking note that the front part of the seat isn’t too big making me rest my feet flat on the floor unlike some other chairs in the market which has the front part of the seat a bit big making it hard rest your feet below.”

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

MSI brings a chair in the market that isn’t just a cheap smoke and mirror trick. The price at around 11,999 pesos brings it lower than the 16,000 price range of high priced branded variants but still piecing together important features from more chairs with higher prices with quality materials.


Featur-ed – The chair boasts all necessary features in a gaming chair and did not skip out on any functionality. This is a good candidate for people deciding on getting a chair which has many features without having that much a painful price.

Non-Generic Branding – MSI brings a gaming chair in the market that breaks the barriers of stereotypes of brands taking in OEM chairs and just slapping the brand logo without any much change. The CH120 integrates a couple of cosmetic changes on top of the brand logo and puts the price range at a competitive position.


Not the lowest of prices – Although the CH120 is already competitively priced, a part of the market will still choose a lower price even with missing features.

The MSI CH120 is without a doubt an high quality chair without the full price tag that most people avoids. MSI has successfully shed of a portion of the price without skipping on all features found in more expensive chairs. A clear Gold Award for this “Dragon’s Throne”

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