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AMD Athlon 200GE performance and overclocking (Part 1)

This time we are gonna check out AMD’s new Athlon 200GE processor which is basically the most entry level Zen processor as of it’s release. Unlike the Ryzen 3 line up, the Athlon 200GE is a two cores/four threads CPU with Vega 3 integrated graphics. I know that it doesn’t sound as impressive but this […]

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New 3DMark Ray Tracing Benchmark

The newest Nvidia GPU, the RTX series was launched recently and has introduced a rendering technique new for gaming. Ray tracing has been a long used technique of rendering for non-real-time scenes and for gaming it is rasterization. Now because of the newest GPU of Nvidia, the demand for intensive computation that ray tracing is […]

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The Clear Horizon – AMD: Next Horizon Conference

AMD is bound to go full force on their 7nm products in 2019 and as a follow up on their New Horizon event last 2016 where they first revealed details of their Zen architecture, they are now hosting the Next Horizon event in San Francisco California to reveal the first details of what’s next for […]

Gaming Gaming News

Tamago Pulls Out of Asian Market – Major Streamers Affected

Streaming in the Philippines flourished when some breakthrough YouTubers and streamers made it big on Twitch.  December 15, 2017 saw the start of Tamago which aimed to rival the bigger streaming platform, and August of the same year bore witness to the “Great Migration” of most beloved PH streamers we loved and subscribed to. While […]

Gadget Reviews

HP Envy x360 13 review | Our first look at the Ryzen powered laptops

Last year, AMD launched their Ryzen APUs for notebooks and it’s basically the laptop version of their Raven Ridge APUs, a combination of both a Ryzen processor and Vega GPU built into a single chip. The AMD system that we have right now is the HP Envy x360 which equipped with an AMD Ryzen 2500U […]

Gadget Reviews

GADGETS | Realme 2

Oppo is bringing to the market one of the mobile phones from their sub brands, the Realme 2. Designed for the competitive entry-level market, the Realme 2has a pretty decent hardware configuration compared to other entry level phones: Qualcomm Snapdragorn 450 and 3GB of RAM. 6.5” 720p display that has a 19:9 aspect ratio, dual […]

Gadget Reviews

REVIEW| Asus ZenFone 5Z

Things are looking good for Asus this year. Their newly released phones has been successful in the local market with the release of the ZenFone Max Pro M1 and the different variations of the ZenFone 5. Their flagship model, the ZenFone 5Z is a promising premium phone and has received a pretty good standing among […]

Bootleg Builds PC Hardware

BOOTLEG BUILDS | Project Malice and Lorraine: Miami Twin Build

“Malice and Lorraine stems from the bright skies to the thriving nightlife of Miami and all its beauty and glory – truly the last stop for bright lights as this is where neon comes to die.” We’re kicking things up by not just building a PC rig – rather, we’re building a whole setup. For […]

Bootleg Builds PC Hardware

BOOTLEG BUILDS | Project Delilah: The 35k Coffeelake Build

“Delilah is built from the ground up with patience, planning, revisions, and a whole lot of caffeine.” The rise of the 8th Generation Intel processors codenamed “Coffeelake” had everyone curious about these new series of processors because it’s a huge leap from the Kabylake and Skylake processors in terms of performance and core-count: with the 8th […]