Tech News

Intel plans to release its first discrete GPU in 2020

On June 12, Intel confirmed that they are re-entering the discrete GPU market in 2020. They just simply linked back to a previous announcement wherein Raja Koduri, the former AMD Radeon graphics chip designer was hired by Intel, now being their chief architect and senior vice president of their new Core and Visual Computing group. […]

Gadget Reviews

REVIEW | ASUS Zenfone Max Pro (M1)

Asus has been  penetrating the smartphone market in all price ranges with their Zenfone lineup, offering different models for different kinds of lifestyles. Notably, the Zenfone Max has been a smartphone known for having maximum uptime allowing you to be always connected without having to scour for a power source every few hours. Here, we […]


Cyber Security

How can blockchain applications adapt and adopt software security best practices?

Though blockchain-native software is in its infancy, the technology races forward to meet more and more use cases. But the community doesn’t seem to have taken software security principles seriously, as we can see from the recent scan of Ethereum smart contracts that identified 34,200 vulnerable contracts (source: For added perspective, a smart contract […]

Cyber Security

New vulnerability found in modern Intel CPUs

Intel confirmed a newly discovered vulnerability affecting all modern Intel CPUs starting from their Sandy Bridge line-up, dubbed Lazy FP State Restore, the vulnerability (CVE-2018-3665). Vendors are now pushing to rush their roll out of security updates in order to fix the flaw and keep their customers protected. The flaw exploits a system performance optimization […]