JStair-SBS Unveils ‘K-POP The Show’ – A New Idol Rhythm Game

JStair, a subsidiary of Woori-Net (115440), in collaboration with STARLIKE and SBS Medianet, has announced the launch of ‘K-POP The Show,’ a rhythm game that promises to bring the vibrant world of K-Pop to gaming enthusiasts.

Game Overview

‘K-POP The Show’ is designed to immerse players in the rhythm and energy of K-Pop music. The game features a selection of popular K-Pop idol tracks, allowing players to engage with the music in a dynamic and interactive way.

Gameplay Mechanics

Players select a song and then hit notes falling down the screen to accumulate points. The game offers a variety of items to enhance the gaming experience. Each track comes with unique missions, providing opportunities to score extra points and climb the leaderboards.

Unique Integration with ‘The Show’

A standout feature of ‘K-POP The Show’ is its integration with footage from ‘The Show,’ a music program broadcasted on SBS Medianet. This integration offers a unique backdrop to the game, featuring performances from various idol groups.

Expansive Music Library

The game’s initial release includes 30 songs, with 17 tracks performed by 12 idol groups, and original compositions exclusive to the game. The lineup boasts popular groups like AIMERS, BugAboo, 1CHU, MUSTB, and DUSTIN, each bringing their distinct style to the game. Regular updates will add new songs and footage, keeping the content fresh and engaging.

Connecting Fans with K-Pop Idols

‘K-POP The Show’ aims to deepen the connection between K-Pop fans and their favorite idols. Players can enjoy exclusive content tailored to each group, enhancing their engagement with the game and the broader K-Pop culture.


Set for release on November 20th, ‘K-POP The Show’ will be available on both Android (AOS) and iOS (Apple) platforms. This game is poised to offer a unique and exhilarating experience to K-Pop enthusiasts around the globe, combining the thrill of gaming with the passion for K-Pop music.

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