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HONOR Unveils the Slimmest Foldable Smartphone Yet, the Magic V2, in the Philippines

By Ira James Feb22,2024

In a remarkable unveiling in Manila, Philippines, on February 21, 2024, global technology powerhouse HONOR introduced the world to the Magic V2, a device that not only breaks the mold but sets a new standard for foldable smartphones. Dubbed the world’s thinnest foldable phone, the HONOR Magic V2 is priced at an enticing Php 79,999, accompanied by an irresistible pre-order offer that includes freebies worth Php 28,000, featuring the HONOR Watch GS 3 and Harman Kardon Aura Studio 4 HIFI Speaker.

The launch event, steeped in anticipation and excitement, saw HONOR Philippines Vice President Stephen Cheng heralding the Magic V2 as a groundbreaking achievement. “The HONOR Magic V2 redefines the benchmark for foldable smartphones while prioritizing the essentials of a top-tier slate phone. The ultra-slim device is crafted to offer unparalleled functionality and a sleek, sophisticated design that is unrivaled in the market,” Cheng stated, setting the tone for what seems to be a transformative moment in the smartphone industry.

A Symphony of Strength and Lightness: HONOR’s Super-light Titanium Hinge

At the heart of the HONOR Magic V2’s design innovation is its super-light titanium hinge, a first in the industry. This aerospace-grade material brings a harmony of ultra-lightness, ultra-toughness, and ultra-corrosion-resistance to the foldable smartphone domain. The titanium alloy, chosen for the hinge shaft cover, boasts a 150% higher strength than conventional materials, such as aluminum alloys, and a melting point significantly higher, indicating a leap in durability and design precision.

Complementing the titanium is HONOR’s proprietary steel, used in the hinge’s main body. This material, inspired by steel used in tunnel boring, is 25% thinner and 20% stronger than its predecessor, making up 67% of the hinge and ensuring the device’s resilience to daily wear and tear.

Innovations Galore: From Advanced Structures to Ultra-thin Cooling Systems

The Magic V2 introduces an array of innovations, from its redesigned support structure that reduces thickness and fold marks to an advanced “brake caliper” damping structure for smooth operation. The addition of HONOR’s self-developed micro lock and custom short screws within the Titanium Alloy Hinge exemplifies the meticulous attention to detail in pursuit of the ultimate thin and durable foldable phone.

Another breakthrough is the device’s “three-in-one” display driver component, which facilitates the inclusion of a 5000mAh Silicon-carbon Battery within its slim profile. This engineering marvel underscores HONOR’s dedication to overcoming traditional design challenges and setting new benchmarks for the industry.

Cooling is another area where the Magic V2 shines, thanks to the HONOR Ultra-thin Bionic VC Cooling System. This system, with its multi-layer approach incorporating advanced materials, ensures efficient heat dissipation despite the device’s slim form factor, highlighting HONOR’s commitment to performance and durability.

Connectivity and Performance: Leading the Way

The Magic V2 also pushes the envelope in connectivity with its Wraparound Antenna Extension Technology 2.0, featuring a three-millimeter-thin design that boasts a 10% higher antenna area than its predecessor, ensuring unmatched performance.

By Ira James

Computer nerd who has been writing tech reviews since 2016. Contributor for the tech pages of Manila Times, Chief Editor of GGWPTECH. Loves hardware, anime, and Star Citizen.

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