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First Diablo IV ‘Inside the Game’ video released – The World of Sanctuary

By Ira James Feb22,2023 #News

The wait for the highly anticipated Diablo IV game is almost over, and fans are eagerly anticipating what’s in store for them in the latest installment of the franchise. Recently, the Diablo IV team released the first in a series of developer insight videos, showcasing the world of Sanctuary and what players can expect when they enter the Burning Hells.

The video starts with a discussion of the game’s art style, which is described as “shadowed and macabre.” The team’s goal was to create an atmosphere that was reminiscent of Diablo II’s grisly atmosphere, while also making every scene look and feel like a painting. To achieve this, every color and texture was meticulously crafted to create the desired grim design.

The team also reveals that there are five unique zones in Diablo IV, each with their own grim environments and themed dungeons to match. From desolate deserts to dark forests, players will have plenty of opportunities to explore the darkest corners of Sanctuary. And with the seamless transitions between zones, players can roam freely and discover everything the open world has to offer.

But the world of Sanctuary is not just about its haunting landscapes. The team also put a lot of effort into designing every monster inside Diablo IV, making sure they are the darkest and most horrific versions of themselves. Players will encounter all sorts of creatures, both new and old, as well as interact with other typical beasts one might encounter naturally in each zone.

Combat is also an essential part of Diablo IV, and the team has promised that there will be plenty of hordes of enemies to fight, as well as safe haven towns to protect. There will also be side-quests to complete, and dungeons to conquer, adding depth and complexity to the game’s narrative.

By Ira James

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