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Smart Awards Gamelab Team as Street League Tournament Champions in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

By Ira James Feb8,2023 #Press Release

On December 2023, Gamelab Team emerged as the winners of Smart’s Street League Tournament for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), taking home the P50,000 cash prize. The team, led by former van driver Mark Ferry “Dokmen” Nazar, exemplified the qualities of a true esports champion: dedication, consistency, an understanding of gaming strategies, and a commitment to teamwork.

Dokmen, who is 26 years old, had been a van driver for years before pursuing his passion for gaming. After trying his hand at various games, he found his calling in MLBB and spent years honing his skills and mastering the game. He even competed in two seasons of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines, which exposed him to the best ML players in the country.

At the beginning of their gaming journey, Dokmen and his team faced difficulties in closing out games and securing victory. However, with the help of their coaches and management, they were able to turn things around and evolve into one of the best amateur teams in the country.

Smart’s Street League Tournament was held on Smart GIGA Arena, the country’s first all-in-one esports platform for Filipino mobile gamers. The platform, open to all Smart and TNT customers, provides opportunities for players to match up and compete in daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments for prestige and cash prizes. Smart supports Filipino gamers with relevant data offers and services, such as the enhanced GIGA Games, and is also an advocate for safer online spaces within the Philippine gaming community.

Smart’s Street League Tournament and Gamelab Team’s victory serve as a testament to the company’s commitment to empowering mobile gamers and fostering the growth of Philippine esports. Expect even better, bigger, and bolder Smart GIGA Arena events in 2023.

By Ira James

Computer nerd who has been writing tech reviews since 2016. Contributor for the tech pages of Manila Times, Chief Editor of GGWPTECH. Loves hardware, anime, and Star Citizen.

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