Overwatch 2 Season 3 starts February 7: New Map, One-Punch Man Collab, and a Dating Sim

Overwatch 2 Season 3 is set to launch on February 7, bringing a range of new content, matchmaking, competitive, and balance changes to the game. One of the main highlights of Season 3 is the new Antarctica Control map, which will offer a new icy and frosty setting for players to engage in control mode.

Additionally, the Season 3 theme revolves around Asian Mythology and comes with the Battle Pass featuring a new Mythic Kiriko skin. The Overwatch World Cup is also set to return in March and will coincide with the return of the PachiMarchi event, which will offer even more rewards for players.

Another major highlight of Season 3 is the Ultimate Valentine’s in-game event that includes a browser-based dating simulator named Loverwatch, where players can choose between two potential dating paths: Mercy or Genji. The event will be accessible at https://www.Loverwatch.gg and will be playable until February 28.

The season also brings with it improvements in rewards and offers, with 10 additional tiers of rewards on the free track and 1500 Credits to be earned and spent in the Hero Gallery. Additionally, nearly all Epic and Legendary event hero skins from the original Overwatch have been added to the Hero Gallery and will always be available for purchase.

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