Overwatch 2 Launches One-Punch Man Event with New Skins and Cosmetics

From left to right: Genos – Genji, Tatsumaki – Kiriko, Saitama – Doomfist, Mumen Rider – Soldier 76

Overwatch 2, the free-to-play team-based action game from Blizzard Entertainment, has announced a limited-time event in collaboration with One-Punch Man, the popular manga and anime series.

The event, which started on March 9 and will end on April 6, allows players to purchase and equip cosmetic items that are based on characters and elements from One-Punch Man. The items include skins, sprays, emotes, voice lines, and player icons.

The highlight of the event is a new skin for Doomfist, one of the heroes in Overwatch 2. The skin transforms Doomfist into Saitama, the main protagonist of One-Punch Man who can defeat any foe with a single punch. The skin features Saitama’s signature yellow jumpsuit, red gloves and boots, and bald head.

Other skins include Genji as Genos, Saitama’s cyborg disciple; Kiriko as Tatsumaki, a powerful psychic hero; and Soldier: 76 as Mumen Rider, a brave but weak hero who rides a bicycle. These skins are available for purchase with in-game currency or real money.

One-Punch Man is a Japanese manga and anime series that follows the adventures of Saitama and his friends as they fight against various monsters and villains. The series is known for its humor, action, and parody of superhero tropes.

This is the first major in-game collaboration for Overwatch 2 since its launch last year. Overwatch 2 is a sequel to the original Overwatch game that was released in 2016. Overwatch 2 features over 30 heroes with different abilities and play styles that compete in various modes and maps.

The collaboration between Overwatch 2 and One-Punch Man is expected to attract new players and fans to both franchises. It also opens up possibilities for other exciting IP crossovers in the future.

To access the One-Punch Man cosmetic collection, players need to visit the in-game shop before April 6. To watch One-Punch Man episodes online, viewers can check out various anime streaming platforms.

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