Drop and Middle-earth Enterprises Collaborate on New Lord of the Rings Black Speech Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboard provider, Drop, and Middle-earth Enterprises have collaborated on a new product, the Drop + The Lord of the Rings Black Speech mechanical keyboard. This latest addition to the series of officially licensed keyboards from the Lord of the Rings franchise combines performance with imagery from the legendary fantasy saga.

The keyboard features iconic graphics including the Eye of Sauron, the Shards of Narsil, and real Black Speech characters on the keycaps. Users can also customize the keyboard with additional LOTR accent keys and artisan keycaps. The keyboard comes fully assembled with the MT3 The Lord of the Rings keycaps, Holy Panda X Switches, and Drop Phantom Stabilizers and has a black aluminum case with custom artwork by OSHETART.

The Black Speech keyboard is the latest in a series of Middle-earth inspired offerings from Drop, following the successful launch of the Elvish and Dwarvish keyboards. The Elvish keyboard features a stylized version of the Two Trees of Valinor, while the Dwarvish keyboard is based on the Doors of Moria. The Elvish and Dwarvish keyboards, as well as the One Ring Artisan Keycaps, are available for purchase.

The Drop + The Lord of the Rings Black Speech Keyboard is available for pre-order for $199 and is expected to arrive by mid-April.

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