Kyndryl Report Reveals Challenges Facing ASEAN Organizations in Building Scalable AI Solutions

Kyndryl, a global IT infrastructure services provider, and Ecosystm, a technology research and advisory firm, have released a report, “5 Insights to Help Organizations Build Scalable AI,” based on feedback from 500 C-suite leaders in the ASEAN region. The report examines the challenges faced by organizations in adopting data and AI solutions and offers recommendations for building scalable AI strategies.

According to the report, only 7% of organizations in ASEAN have a focus on building the right data and AI foundation, with 48% facing difficulties integrating AI with existing systems and 38% struggling to collect data from multiple internal sources. The report also highlights the need for organizations to be data-first, with 77% of participants planning to increase the use of AI and data solutions for customer experience, human resources, and marketing over the next two years.

The report further highlights the lack of effective data governance policies, with 36% of participants citing a lack of internal policies and limited understanding of risks as the two biggest challenges. To address these challenges, the report recommends organizations to have end-to-end data lifecycle management, with observability, intelligence, and automation built into the entire process.

The report emphasizes the importance of democratizing data and AI, empowering citizen data scientists through training and access to user-friendly tools. To truly transform and realize the value of data and AI, organizations need a strong data management ecosystem, and Kyndryl’s expertise in data management and AI can help them achieve this, according to Wilson Go, Managing Director, Kyndryl Philippines.

For more information on the study, please visit the website here.

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