Introducing the Blood Knight: Diablo Immortal’s Newest Class Arrives to Save Sanctuary!

Diablo Immortal, the action-packed mobile RPG, welcomes its seventh class with the arrival of the Blood Knight! Exclusive to Diablo Immortal, this all-new class emerges from the shadows to defend Sanctuary once again. Trained in an ancient spearfighting style from Gea Kul, the Blood Knights possess an ethereal connection, battling inner darkness through a sacred ritual to wield their power against the looming threats that plague the realm.

Peiwen Yao, the executive producer of Diablo Immortal, couldn’t contain her excitement, stating, “We’re thrilled to unleash the Blood Knight in Sanctuary. This vampiric class brings dynamic hybrid melee prowess, giving players the freedom to choose between aggressive physical assaults, harnessing blood magic, or something in between! We can’t wait to witness players master this exciting new skill kit.”

The addition of the Blood Knight marks a major milestone for Diablo fans, making it the first new class in nearly a decade. Rod Fergusson, Diablo’s general manager, expressed his enthusiasm for the game’s continuous growth, remarking, “The first year of Diablo Immortal set the standard for what’s possible when we work to bring this genre-defining series to mobile platforms. Now we’ve expanded even further, with the debut of the ethereal Blood Knight—the first new class for Diablo in nearly a decade—introducing a distinct champion of darkness to the land of Sanctuary. We welcome everyone to join us in celebrating a year of slaying demons wherever you are in Diablo Immortal.”

Blood Knight Spotlight:

Excited to wield the power of the Blood Knight class? Here’s what you need to know:

How to Play Blood Knight: The Blood Knight Class is available to all players for free starting today!

Quest of Unrest: Embark on a new story-driven Elite Quest to delve into the origins of the Blood Knights and witness the torment they endure to master their curse and avoid becoming mindless thralls.Signature Skills: Unleash the power of the Blood Knight’s melee hybrid abilities, from life-draining attacks to shadow-summoning and devastating polearm strikes.

Shadow’s Edge: Choose between a slashing attack or a dagger throw.

Swarm of Bats: Call forth a cloud of bats to deal damage and move as you command.

Siphon Blood: Steal health from surrounding enemies.

Abomination: Defeat foes and absorb their blood to become more formidable, unlocking Blood Rush and Shattering Fist skills.

Skewer: Impale enemies and stun nearby foes.

Mephitic Cloud: Envelop your enemies in shadowy mists, blurring their vision.
The Blood Knight class introduces a unique combat mechanic: switching weapons during battle provides different stances with attributed bonuses. Each stance grants a temporary buff with a 15-20 second cooldown when switching. And the best part? These stances are available to every class!

Get ready to unleash the Blood Knight’s power and delve into a thrilling new chapter of Diablo Immortal. Sanctuary awaits your valiant efforts to defend it against the forces of darkness! So, gear up and embrace the shadow’s embrace as you embark on this mesmerizing adventure.


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