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Google and NVIDIA Join Forces: Unveiling Gemma, The Optimized Open Language Model for RTX AI PCs

By Ira James Feb22,2024

In an exciting development that marks a significant leap forward in AI capabilities, NVIDIA, in collaboration with Google, has unveiled optimizations for Gemma, Google’s latest open language model, across NVIDIA’s AI platforms. This groundbreaking initiative, detailed in NVIDIA’s recent blog post, promises to enhance generative AI capabilities on local RTX AI PCs, bringing advanced AI performance to a broader audience.

Gemma, which consists of both 2 billion and 7 billion parameter versions, is at the forefront of open language model innovation. It is constructed on the foundation laid by the Gemini models, leveraging the same cutting-edge research and technology. The collaboration between Google and NVIDIA has been pivotal in accelerating Gemma’s performance, utilizing TensorRT-LLM, an open-source library dedicated to optimizing large language model inference. This optimization is not limited to NVIDIA GPUs in data centers and the cloud but extends to local RTX AI PCs equipped with NVIDIA RTX GPUs, ensuring unparalleled AI performance across various platforms.

In addition to these optimizations, NVIDIA is set to further expand the capabilities of RTX AI PCs with the introduction of Chat With RTX. This NVIDIA tech demo, which employs retrieval-augmented generation alongside NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM software, will soon support Gemma, offering users enhanced generative AI capabilities directly on their local, RTX-powered Windows PCs. This integration signifies a major step in making advanced AI tools more accessible to users, allowing for real-time, efficient AI interactions on personal computers.

The synergy between Google’s Gemma and NVIDIA’s technology exemplifies the potential of collaborative innovation in the AI space. By combining Google’s advanced language models with NVIDIA’s cutting-edge AI hardware and optimization software, the partnership is set to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible with generative AI on personal computing devices.

While an exact release date for Gemma support in Chat With RTX is yet to be announced, NVIDIA hints at the imminent availability of a press build, potentially as early as today. This move indicates NVIDIA’s commitment to keeping the media and interested parties informed and engaged with the latest developments in AI technology.

For those keen on exploring the capabilities of Chat With RTX with Gemma, NVIDIA’s announcement opens the door to early access, promising to share the build as soon as it’s ready. This initiative not only highlights the advancements in AI technology but also underscores the importance of collaboration between tech giants in pushing the envelope of innovation.

Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting collaboration and the evolution of AI capabilities on NVIDIA’s platforms. For more information and insights into the optimizations for Gemma, visit NVIDIA’s blog at

By Ira James

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