GIGABYTE AORUS Sets New Standard in Cooling with WATERFORCE X II and WATERFORCE II Liquid Coolers

GIGABYTE Technology, renowned for its motherboards and graphics cards, has unveiled its latest cooling marvels – the AORUS WATERFORCE X II and WATERFORCE II Series. These new entries in the cooling market are redefining the standards for liquid coolers with innovative designs and user-friendly features, appealing to both high-end enthusiasts and beginners in the DIY PC building community.

WATERFORCE X II Series: The Pinnacle of Cooling Innovation

The WATERFORCE X II Series, encompassing the AORUS WATERFORCE X II 360, 360 ICE, and 240 models, brings groundbreaking features:

  • Upgraded Pump Design: Enhanced performance with a newly designed pump.
  • Fan EZ-Chain Mag: A magnetic interlocking mechanism paired with a DAISY-CHAIN setup for effortless DIY fan installations.
  • LCD Edge View: A circular, full-color LCD that supports video playback and custom text, adding a personal touch to your rig.
  • Integrated Storage: 40MB of onboard storage for custom files, allowing users to express their creativity.
  • New Fan Blade Design: Improved airflow and pressure, significantly reducing noise levels.
  • Gradient Lighting: Syncs with other devices through GCC for a cohesive and dynamic lighting display.
  • Universal RPM Control: Compatible with all motherboard brands, offering flexibility in fan and pump speed control.
  • Long-lasting FDB: A 50,000-hour lifetime for sustained performance.

WATERFORCE II Series: Stylish and Efficient Cooling

The WATERFORCE II Series, including AORUS WATERFORCE II 360, 360 ICE, and 240 models, offers:

  • Innovative Pump Design: Upgraded for excellent cooling performance.
  • Fan EZ-Chain: A slide-in interlocking mechanism with DAISY-CHAIN setup for simple fan assembly.
  • 330-degree Rotatable Water Block: Adds versatility to the installation.
  • Efficient Fan Blades: A new design that boosts airflow and pressure while minimizing noise.
  • ARGB Lighting: Syncs with other devices for a unified aesthetic.
  • Universal RPM Control: Ensures compatibility with various motherboard brands for fan and pump speed adjustments.

Both the WATERFORCE X II and II series come in 240mm and 360mm radiator sizes, with the 360mm versions offering classic black and trendy white options. This variety caters to different preferences and system builds, ensuring that there’s a cooling solution for every type of PC enthusiast.

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