Cyberpunk 2077 receives DLSS 3 Update

Cyberpunk 2077, has received an update that brings NVIDIA DLSS 3 to the game. This technology is designed to enhance the graphics and performance of the game on GeForce RTX-powered PC platforms.

According to NVIDIA, the AI network enhancements in DLSS 3 are designed to improve image quality and stability during fast movement. The update also aims to better utilize game engine data, leading to a more optimized gaming experience.

The game utilizes DirectX Ray Tracing, a lighting technique that simulates the behavior of light in the real world, to enhance its graphics. This technology allows the game to feature realistic shadows, reflections, diffuse illumination, and ambient occlusion, among other effects.

The latest update, combined with a GeForce 40 Series GPU, is said to provide a glimpse of the future of gaming graphics powered by AI. Cyberpunk 2077 continues to be a benchmark for the next generation of gamers, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in gaming graphics.

It should be noted that the update is aimed at enhancing the experience for GeForce RTX-powered PC platforms and may not have the same impact on other platforms.

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