Corsair just made a huge change in PSU’s that I never knew I wanted

source: Corsair

Corsair has launched the RMx Shift ATX 3.0 line of power supplies, touted as the world’s first with side-positioned connectors. This new design allows for easier access to power cables and improved cable management.

The most significant benefit of the RMx Shift’s side-positioned connectors is improved cable management. For many PC builders such as myself, cable management can be a challenging task, especially when trying to fit everything into a cramped case. With the connectors on the side, it becomes much easier to route the cables and maintain a neat and organized system. This not only improves the overall look of the build but also enhances the system’s efficiency and cooling performance. (But we all know it’s all about the cable management aesthetic :P)

Another advantage of the side-positioned connectors is the ease of component swaps. When you need to replace fans, coolers or other components, you no longer need to struggle to reach the cables in the cramped interior of the case. With the RMx Shift’s side-positioned connectors, the cables are easily accessible, making the process of swapping components much less of a headache.

The RMx Shift series includes four models with wattages from 750W to 1200W, making it suitable for power-hungry graphics cards. The power supplies have been tested for compatibility with Corsair cases, as well as third-party cases that are at least 210mm wide, but it is worth noting that while the side-positioned connectors may not be ideal for every PC case design..

The RMx Shift series PSUs are available now through Corsair’s website, and if you’re looking to build a new PC, or upgrade your current system, this new product is definitely worth considering.

Pricing is as follows:

  • RM750x Shift – $149.99, €159.99
  • RM850x Shift – $159.99, €174.99
  • RM1000x Shift – $209.99, €219.99
  • RM1200x Shift – $269.99, €259.99

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source: Corsair
source: Corsair

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