be quiet! Unveils Pure Wings 3 Fan Series: High Performance Meets Silence

be quiet!, the German-based leader in premium PC components, has just announced its latest fan series, Pure Wings 3. Designed to be versatile, the new series is suitable for a range of applications, from high-demand workstations to entry-level gaming setups. The fans are engineered for exceptional air pressure and airflow, offering reliability and longevity for any gaming system.

Versatility and Performance

The Pure Wings 3 series comes in two sizes—120mm and 140mm—and three different versions: 3-pin, 4-pin PWM, and 4-pin PWM high-speed. The high-speed versions feature a closed-loop motor that maintains a stable rpm regardless of resistance. This makes the fans ideal for a variety of applications, whether you’re cooling a radiator or simply looking for a case fan that provides excellent air circulation.

Optimized Design for Maximum Efficiency

The fan frame of Pure Wings 3 has been redesigned to minimize air leakage, particularly benefiting radiator performance. The fan blades have also been optimized; their angle has been adjusted to maximize air pressure. This results in a fan that not only excels in radiator cooling but is also an excellent choice for any case requiring high cooling performance and optimal air circulation.

Quiet Operation and Longevity

Living up to the company’s name, the Pure Wings 3 fans operate quietly, starting at a very low rpm. The fans also feature proven rifle bearing technology, extending their lifespan to an impressive 80,000 hours.

High-Speed Versions for Demanding Setups

The high-speed versions of Pure Wings 3, available in both 120mm and 140mm sizes, are designed for the most demanding configurations. These fans can reach speeds of up to 2100 rpm and 1600 rpm, respectively, and offer remarkably high air pressure—up to 2.41mm/H2O for the 120mm version and 2.44mm/H2O for the 140mm version. The closed-loop motor technology ensures that the fans always operate at the desired speed, regardless of resistance.

With the launch of the Pure Wings 3 series, be quiet! continues to set the standard for high-performance, low-noise PC cooling solutions.

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