be quiet! Unveils Dark Rock Elite and Dark Rock Pro 5

be quiet!, has announced the launch of two groundbreaking air coolers: Dark Rock Elite and Dark Rock Pro 5. The former is a brand-new offering, while the latter serves as the successor to the critically acclaimed Dark Rock Pro 4. Both products aim to redefine air cooling standards, offering enhanced performance, features, and compatibility.

Elevating Performance: Dark Rock Elite
Dark Rock Elite promises unparalleled cooling efficiency through state-of-the-art fan technology. It features seven high-performance heat pipes and dual Silent Wings 135mm PWM fans, capable of reaching up to 2,000 rpm in Performance Mode. For quieter operations, the fans can be set to run at an efficient 1500 rpm in Quiet Mode, selectable via an integrated Speed Switch.

The cooler also boasts a range of high-end features, including an adjustable front fan mounting rail, providing up to 69mm of clearance over the second RAM slot. The heatsink offers a comfortable 63.3mm clearance over the first RAM slot and features cut-outs for optimal VRM compatibility. Aesthetically, the Dark Rock Elite stands out with its ARGB LEDs and a black coating infused with ceramic particles for optimal heat transfer.

Quiet Yet Powerful: Dark Rock Pro 5
Dark Rock Pro 5 builds upon its predecessor’s award-winning cooling capabilities. It incorporates seven high-performance heat pipes and two Silent Wings PWM fans, delivering exceptional cooling performance with minimal noise. The cooler features a Speed Switch, allowing users to toggle between Quiet Mode and Performance Mode, which adjusts the rpm of the front and middle fans to 1500 and 1300 rpm, respectively.

The Pro 5 also comes with a high-grade mesh top cover and a special black coating with ceramic particles, enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and heat transfer capabilities. Like the Elite, it is compatible with liquid metal thermal paste and offers a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Availability and Pricing
Both Dark Rock Elite and Dark Rock Pro 5 will be available in retail stores starting October 24. The recommended retail prices are $114.90 for Dark Rock Elite and $99.90 for Dark Rock Pro 5.


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