REVIEW | MSI Trident X Mini PC: A Tiny Powerhouse

A tiny solution with monumental benchmarks. MSI Gaming’s release of the the Trident X to the market is a sure contender in the market for a solution that isn’t your usual prebuilt. The Trident X is said to provide freedom and power in a prebuilt – We’ll see if that’s the case.

Quick Specifications

What’s in the Box?

The Trident X has a very bulky box for a mini desktop pc but most of the space is for the foam that secures the PC and extra contents in place.

The box only has the essentials. Other than the system unit – tempered glass panel, a power cable, and SATA cables are included inside.

Build and Performance

The Trident X is part of a product niche that is between mini PCs and full sized prebuilts. This niche have the power of a full sized PC in a smaller form factor albeit the nature of proprietary parts.

The Trident X however is different that all of its parts are upgradeable and changeable as long as the aftermarket part fit its chassis.

We can talk about the Trident X like a regular sized PC as all of its parts are totally interchangeable and you can even find each one in the market. From the ITX board, I7 9700k, the DDR4 RAM, The FSP 650W SFX power supply, the MSI Ventus RTX 2080 Super, and the storage drives as well.

As far as compatibility is concerned – If it fits, it sits. This is basically a full sized PC scaled down to a small case. This isn’t even the best thing about the Trident X – wait till you see how the layout of the chambers create a simple yet effective cooling solution to this tiny powerhouse.

The fad of dual chamber cases have gained traction last year. But you would always associate the dual chamber concept with big cases to make room for 2 separate chambers. The Trident X took the concept and used it together with having all of the heat generating parts close together while maintaining airflow opposite to each other thus preventing a vacuum effect. On top of the airflow setup, The Trident X also left some open space to keep the air non-constricted

The Trident X also has an extra tempered glass panel included in the package that you can exchange for the default panel at the right side of the PC. Switching to the glass panel deems no problems as the area where the fan is located has a mesh rather than being choked fully.

MSI Gaming did a good job creating a small form factor pc without sacrificing power with airflow. It’s also quite a good concept that you can replace any part inside the PC if any problem happens or if you want to upgrade a part inside the system.

Gaming Benchmarks

Based on our benchmarks, the Trident X worked exceptionally well and the same as a full sized counterpart. For reference, we put this up against our AMD Ryzen-based (Ryzen 9 3900x, 16GB 3400mhz ram) standard test bench from our previous reviews but with a catch. We put the RTX 2080 Super Ventus from the Trident X on our Ryzen desktop pc to have the benchmarks much more closer together as we’re trying to see the performance of this small form factor solution with a full sized desktop PC.

This is something that I can see myself buying with the intent of practicality and functionality.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

The Trident X fulfills the role of a full sized PC in a smaller form factor without sacrificing airflow and performance. As a small form factor prebuilt, it also did a great job about keeping parts non proprietary and provides room for upgrades and repairs in the future.

I found the Trident X to be a bit bulkier compared to other competitors in the market but I think it was a small trade off for the amount of power, cooling, and future tweakability it offers.


Practical Solution – The Trident X is something you would look at and think “I see myself buying this” It’s practical enough as it bridges all the gaps that keep it far away from other consumers not part of the market niche. It has the cooling, power, and even customizability in mind.

Non Proprietary – A true contender for a practical small form factor PC. It removes the limitations of having proprietary parts and gives the freedom to upgrade and customize the parts of the PC as long as it fits the chassis.


Border of small form factor – The Trident X albeit being part of the mini prebuilt niche, it actually is on the larger spectrum. This is the drawback for giving the feature of non proprietary parts to the consumers.

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