The Aorus X570 Xtreme was a really weird board that stands out over the other choices by being less oriented with RGB but leaning on a way to bring cooling without the pesky active fans seen on other X570s.

We’ve always known Aorus to be a brand that was never too expressive about RGB lighting and the aggressive-sharp gaming look of their products. The Xtreme however was a completely different turn for Aorus that aimed on matching the extreme performance of the board with actually providing a cooling system that can tame it.

What’s in the box?

The packaging was far from minuscule – and like their past top of the line boards, this won’t be an aired package but an Aorus care package all in all.


You could say that this motherboard has some identity issues as it can also classify as a heatsink. like no, literally – it is a heatsink.

Mentioned to be a new standard for the top of the line board which aims to eliminated the active fan cooling that is present to most X570s – the whole system is a heatsink that doesn’t only lean on performance and function but actually some sort of design and elegance for the most part of course.

The armor serves as a design which AORUS maximized by creating removable parts of to hide ports and even shift connectors in facing the sides without any use for 90 degree adapters and such.

The X570 Xtreme is no lightweight as the combination of perfectly balanced and distributed metal and the sheer weight of everything gives the motherboard the ability to even stand upright on its own.

The Science behind it all

Aorus gave the low down on the whole complimenting idea of the X570 Xtreme.

They had the idea and ability to reach great heights of overclocking but at the same time not be reliant on any active cooling system. A pretty huge goal knowing that the active fan system on the X570 chipset is there to keep everything cool even on lower end boards.

The X570 Xtreme features 16 Phases Infineon Digital VRM – No doublers. this means this is pure 16 phases to spare for all the power delivery needs on any configuration you want to achieve that’s technologically possible on your current setup with this board. Most if not some boards actually cheat having multiple phases by having 1 act as 2 hence the doublers. But with the X570 Xtreme – this is not the case.

As an extreme overclocking behemoth – how did Aorus manage to manage cooling the whole package without any active cooling system? They simply made use of the sheer size of the board and had the whole heatsink system have the heatpipe run through everything that needs the cooling – including the M.2 armor!

The X570 Xtreme is a total contender bringing tons of features such as PCIe 4.0 lane capability on all the 3 slots, 3 Gen4 enabled M.2 mounts, 10GbE LAN with a complimenting capability with 1Gbe – WiFi 6, the always present HiFi DAC capability in Top of the Line Aorus boards is back; courtesy of ESS Sabre, RGB Fan Commander and tons of USB/SATA ports all tucked inside the armor of the board to keep the motif sleek and smart all the way.

The VRMs are the best out of the bunch – on top of the fact that these are not doublers, they can tank a reasonable amount of heat. They never budged above 57 degrees with the max 4.3hz of our available Ryzen 3600x. We wouldn’t be surprised if the VRMs would still undeniably work efficiently without being covered by the whole cooling system of the board – this of course is a statement that doesn’t apply on more higher extreme clocks.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

A true blue contender for innovation and practicality – The Aorus X570 Xtreme is a smart buy, given if you have the budget to spend on a top of the line board. Aorus made it sure that purchasing this motherboard will have you spending on all the features, add-ons, innovation, and practicality of the board rather than just brandishing your cash on a brand name.

Bringing extreme performance and capability into the plate of the new Ryzen 3000 processors opens up the possibility of matching other records set into place by other top of the line boards with a twist of not having to worry about your active cooling system failing – less moving parts, less problems in the future.

With that said, it is recommended to also invest on complimentary parts for the X570 Xtreme. A good processor overclocked in the sweetest possible configuration like a baby in a cradle. A case with high performance fans will also fit with the Meatsink itself. The cost of the board does not entitle you to skip out on spending on other parts as the X570 Xtreme was made to tank overclocks and other high performance configurations that you can technologically set it to.

– 16 Phases Infineon Digital VRM. No doublers mean 16 power phases are within the disposal of any extreme overclock that you may want to run or experiment with this beast.
– The whole design and package inclusions make any buyer that may go for this board feel like every cent spent went to something.
– Form and Function combined; The X570 Xtreme delivers armor that acts as a heatsink and shroud, the whole design emphasizes the huge amount of options within the board while still having it flaunted elegantly within configurations such as armor shrouding and the other worldy orientations such as the 90 degree base configuration of the 24 pin connector
– Cooling without the Cooling; The Xtreme creates an ecosystem for efficient cooling that covers the whole board and not just the vital parts. Whether you’re rocking a hot overclock or just live in somewhere that has a more unforgiving ambient temperature, The Meatsink will never fail you.

– The price as a top of the line board is of course the highest of the bunch around 39,000 pesos but with the rather hefty amount of inclusions and features; I guess buyers of the X570 Xtreme would be rewarded greatly in the long run.


With a mind blowing efficient cooling system that didn’t even need an active cooling fan. It’s safe to give the Aorus X570 Xtreme the Platinum Award and the name “MEATSINK” for keepsakes of course. We wouldn’t even be surprised if this thing compares to Level III armor plating.

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