Valor Guard Tactics – Gravity Co. LTD Newest Upcoming Mobile Statergy Game

Gravity, a well-known developer and publisher known for Ragnarok Online, Dragonica, Rose Online and much more. They just recently announced that it will be launching its’ pre-registration event for their new mobile strategy game, Valor Guard Tactics.

Valor Guard Tactics is planned to release in the US, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia after the conclusion of the pre-registration event. It is available for iOS and ANDROID devices.

Want to know more about the pre-registration they have? Click this


Valor Guard Tactics is a strategy game where your job will be rallying forces, constructing an army, building friendships to retake your throne! You will be also recruiting heroes with unique skills and armed forces, time and deploy key allied special attacks to destroy waves of enemies, and strategize your attack.

It also brings together a diverse set of formidable modes for the player to conquer including Flight Challenge and Abandoned Treasure.  Players can also team up with friends to form Guilds and overcome even more challenges together. Additionally, it also has a feature that individual players can show off their strategic mastery as they duel others to claim victory for themselves and their legions.

Valor Guard Tactics Trailer

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