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Testing the AMD recommended hardware for Strange Brigade

Rebellion Development, the same game studio that developed Sniper Elite 4, has brought another third person shooter game that packed with fun and a pretty exciting cooperative game play.

Somewhat with a twist of weirdness and entertaining narrative that accompanies the action packed game play, i’d say that this is something worth checking out.

But what I’m interested in is that AMD released a blog about their recommended hardware and graphical settings to have the most optimal gaming experience with Strange Brigade.

Right now, I am using a Ryzen 7 2700X processor, 16GB 3200Mhz memory and an RX580 8GB graphics card and I will be in the process of comparing benchmark and gaming results using both the Vulkan and DX12 API.

For now, this is just the initial benchmark test and I will be going in depth with the FPS results in a couple of weeks after I have sourced data from comparing other graphics cards as well.

Here are the initial bench mark results on 1080p resolution with my current setup


Average FPS: 88.0
Minimum FPS: 60.6
Maximum FPS: 114.9

DirectX 12

Average FPS: 84.9
Minimum FPS: 65.1
Maximum FPS: 108.9

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