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Zoho launches its all-in-one suite Zoho One in the Asia Pacific region to accelerate digital transformation of local businesses

Manila—September 18, 2018—Zoho today introduced Zoho One, an all-in-one suite of applications to run an entire business—across every function and organizational group—in the Asia Pacific region. Zoho One includes more than 40 integrated web applications and an equal number of mobile apps—under a single sign-on and with centralized administration and provisioning—making it a true operating system for a business. Zoho One is available for USD 30 per month, per employee.

The announcement comes at a time when Zoho is expanding its operations in the Asia Pacific region. The company is working closely with its local customer base from its regional office in Singapore. It has a wide network of local partners who support Zoho customers. This month, Zoho is also hosting its user conference Zoholics for the very first time in the region beginning from Singapore (September 12), and moving to Indonesia (September 14) and the Philippines (September 17).

“The Asia Pacific region is seeing many government initiatives that encourage SMEs to go digital and embrace innovation. This has hence become an important market for us, and we are increasing our investment here,” said Gibu Mathew, Vice President and GM, Asia Pacific, Zoho Corp. “Zoho One puts all the software you need to run a business online and turns it into an accessible business utility. This means that businesses of any size and type can run all their operations online. Its incredible value and ease of use lowers the barriers in adoption of technology and eases the journey of digital transformation for companies.”

Highlights of Zoho One

A Revolutionary All-In-One Suite: With Zoho One, a company has over 40 applications, complementary mobile and native apps along with several browser extensions and extras it needs to acquire and serve its customers, run its operations, and provide all the tools for its employees to work collaboratively and get their work done. They can even build custom apps for unique business needs.

Unmatched Integration: Zoho One offers hundreds of integration points across its applications. Contextual integrations bring in relevant information from other apps to improve the effectiveness of any app. They also integrate with hundreds of leading third-party software applications, thereby preserving customer choice and flexibility.

Centralized Administrative Control: Zoho One offers one secure account and single sign-on access to the entire suite. A single Admin Panel enables and controls access, greatly simplifying provisioning, access, and audit. Users are provisioned, groups created and shared across apps, applications enabled or disabled—all from a single place. Policies may be defined company-wide, like enforcing two-factor authentication for all employees to ensure secure access. Control can be centrally enforced or delegated through service admins for individual departments and groups.

Disruptive Pricing Model: Zoho One dispenses with traditional vendor pricing strategies—like upgrades, add-ons, multi-year contracts, and usage restrictions—designed to chain the customer to the vendor and make real pricing opaque. Zoho One includes enterprise-level editions of all the Zoho business applications, along with mobile, native apps, and extensions. All on one simple invoice for the entire organization.

Analytics: The Zoho One Analytics tab provides analytics across Zoho’s suite of business apps. Business owners, CXOs and managers can now track KPIs and trends from one tab, helping them to make more informed decisions. Users can create their own custom reports and dashboards to blend data from different business apps and do cross-functional analytics. Currently, there are over 500 pre-built reports and dashboards available across applications. Users can also import data stored in third-party applications and analyze it along with the data from Zoho’s internal apps.

Zia for Zoho One: Zia, the AI-powered assistant, will be extended to Zoho One. Zia for Zoho One functions across various applications, pulling data from different departments to provide the right contextual information. Using simple commands, Zia can handle complex queries. Drawing information from Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk, Zia can tell users how many customers in the sales pipeline have an open support ticket. Zia for Zoho One will be made available in phases starting this year. Zoho also plans to open up the Zia Platform for Zoho One users, allowing them to extend Zia with custom skill sets built to address their specific needs.

Zia Search: On average, knowledge workers spend 30% of their workday searching for information, according to an IDC research paper. The new Zia Search lets users search across all their Zoho apps instantly, dramatically improving information access within an organization. Zia Search was built from the ground up with an understanding of each application’s domain, design and authorization rules, making it possible to display a more relevant, richer set of results. Zia Search also offers a results preview as well as contextual actions so users can utilize their results without having to leave the search window.

Zoho Concierge: Zoho Concierge is a free service available exclusively to Zoho One customers. This dedicated team helps customers by mapping their business processes and advising them on how best to optimize Zoho One for their particular needs.

“With Zoho One customers are not just licensing apps they need to run their business. They are licensing peace of mind. With the complexity of running multiple applications taken out of their way, customers can focus on their core business,” added Mathew.

Statements on Zoho One

“Businesses are increasingly utilizing technology with more automated tasks, incorporation of data, analysis of information, and predictive outcomes and alternatives. Intelligent technology is enhancing business processes and bringing more employee insights at warp speed, enabling the enterprise to quickly bring forward more personalized responses. Zoho One, provides a foundation for enterprise intelligence with its Zia, Dashboards and Search capabilities across the Zoho One platform,” said Mickey North Rizza, Program Vice President, Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce at IDC.

“New economic realities around the world have led organizations to realize that the speed of change for their systems must match the crossed of change in society and marketplaces. To this end, they are looking for simpler and more affordable technology to use as the foundation of new applications that are simple, nimble, flexible, and focused on the needs of the moment – and that can change at the drop of a hat to reflect the changes that happen around us. Cloud-based platforms give organizations the underlying infrastructure to reflect and accommodate those changes,” said Esteban Kolsky, Founder & Principal, ThinkJar Research.

“Until sometime back, we were using one of the popular CRM and recruitment applications in the market. It was only after we switched to Zoho One, we realized all that we were missing, so far. Zoho One is quite agile and can be flexed to suit the specific needs of organizations. In our company, apart from Zoho CRM, Zoho Recruit and Zoho People applications, we also extensively use Zoho Survey, Zoho Campaign, and Zoho Books application on a daily basis. All these applications help us spend our time judiciously and ensure that our teams function effectively. True to its name, Zoho One is the absolute one-stop solution for any organization,” said Rajavel Kodiarasu, Operation Director, Asia Gsoft Recruiters.

“VentureHaven Pte. Ltd. is a leading accounting firm in Singapore with a reputation for providing best-in-class corporate, professional, and management services to companies based out of Singapore. At VentureHaven, we use Zoho (especially Zoho Creator, Zoho Books, and Zoho CRM) to build a business process system that is tailored to the unique requirements of Singaporean Corporate Service Providers (CSPs). We love Zoho for their intuitive product design, robust feature set, and the immediate support they offer. The versatility of Zoho’s products has smoothened the process flow of our front-end-sales teams while simplifying operations at the back-end. Zoho is truly an integrated suite of software you can trust to run your business with,” said  Darren Ku, Business Director, VentureHaven Pte. Ltd

Pricing and Availability

Zoho One has two pricing plans: All Employee Pricing for businesses with minimum five users is USD 30 per employee per month, Flexible User Pricing is USD 75 per user per month (when billed annually). Zoho One is currently available worldwide, in multiple languages. Users can sign up for a 30-day trial version of Zoho One at zoho.com/one.

Zia for Zoho One is not currently available. The Analytics feature will be rolled out in phases, whereas Zia Search is available immediately at search.zoho.com. Zoho One App for Admins can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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