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We’ll start seeing entry level AMD Ryzen gaming laptops this year

Since the launch of AMD Ryzen mobile for laptops, we have seen a lot of new laptop and ultrabooks hit the Philippine market especially AMD had the initiative to open their concept store in Southeast Asia here at Metro Manila last year.

The current line up of AMD Ryzen powered laptops in the market has been decent just like the HP Envy X360 that we have reviewed on this site. Despite the availability of ultrabooks and consumer centric laptops, the only gaming Ryzen laptop that we have seen in the local market so far is the Acer Nitro 5.

Upon the coming of CES 2019 in the next few days, AMD has unveiled that their partners will also be making a push to bring in more gaming laptops to the market just like the Asus FX505DY TUF Gaming laptop shown here.

The FX505DY TUF Gaming unveiled is powered by a Ryzen 5 3550H and an RX560X 4GB and will support up to 32GB of dual channel 2400mhz memory. To add on to that, it will also be equipped with a 120hz FreeSync panel which increases it’s value as a competitive gamer’s laptop. We have tried the Intel counterpart of this laptop before and it has proven to be a decent budget gaming laptop.

Along with that, despite the lack of GPU drivers last year, AMD is now releasing driver updates for their Vega mobile GPUs starting Q1 this year. This means that all current Ryzen mobile process will directly recieve driver packages and will enable AMD to give Day 0 driver support for the latest game titles and updates.

I am personally looking forward to what AMD laptops we are going to see this year and hopefully we’ll have a decent line up coming in the local Philippine market.

Ira James
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