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REVIEW | Noctua NT-H2 Thermal Compound

Noctua has been a known brand in the field of premium cooling solutions and they have been perfecting their craft on it. Recently, Noctua just released their second generation thermal compound, the NT-H2. Its predecessor, the NT-H1, was introduced in the market last 2007. It has been 12 years since the first generation was introduced. Let’s see if there are notable differences from its predecessor.

The Noctua NT-H1 is a renowned hybrid thermal compound in the market. It’s been recognized by other hardware reviewer websites and magazines as an extremely effective thermal compound; Due to the fact it carries long-term stability and remarkable performance both on air- or water-based cooling on CPU or GPU applications. We can already tell that the foundation that the NT-H2 is a rather huge shoe to fill.


The new NT-H2 thermal compound can either be purchased as a 3.5g or a 10g package. The packaging includes the specifications printed clearly and the things you need to know about the product. The design of the packaging is the same as the packaging that Noctua uses with its other products – a brown and white color scheme.

The thermal compound is on a tray which includes written instructions on how to use it. Aside from the thermal compound, they also included cleaning wipes for cleaning the residue when changing your thermal compound in your CPU. its those nice-to-haves that Noctua included.

Thermal Performance

To be able to find out the performance for each thermal compound. We did a run of Cinebench R15 for three times and record its highest idle and load temperature. The ambient temperature is around 37°C when tested.

As we can see that the NT-H2 has a 1°C different from the previous generation the NT-H1 in terms of idle and load.


The Noctua NT-H2 thermal compound brings an improvement from its predecessor, the NT-H1. Even if we only see a 1°C difference; once we use a higher TDP processor like an AMD Threadripper or a Intel Core i9 processor –  the margin will be more noticeable. And another good side with this improvement in our CPU temperature is that we have an option not to change to a bigger cooler to see a couple of a degrees in our temperature.

Also the included NA-CW1 cleaning wipes makes the cleaning of the residue of the older thermal compound much easier comparing it to a good old tissue and isopropyl alcohol. It is a nice bundle with its thermal compound.

The NT-H2 thermal compound is priced at $12.90 USD (Around 660 PHP) for the 3.5g package and $24.90 USD (Around 1290 PHP) for the 10g. If you will be overclocking your processor, to be able to squeeze a little bit performance by just using a better thermal compound is an awesome option.


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