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RECAP | Awesome LIANLI products launched in 2018

LIANLI has always been an innovator in the PC enthusiast scene and 2018 marked a whole new start for LIANLI. Their new products as of last year has been a show of commitment in creating more unique, innovative and excellent products for the PC market which was well received by gamers, power users and watercooling enthusiasts. So, let’s take a moment to appreciate these 2018 products, shall we?

PC-O11 Dynamic

LIANLI debuted the PC-O11 Dynamic during the past year to great reception, once again establishing LIANLI as the one and only choice for watercooling enthusiasts and system builders. The PC-O11 Dynamic’s aesthetic appeal made it an ideal choice for builders looking to maximize the visibility of their PC internals while keeping them protected with premium tempered glass on the front and side. The PC-O11 Dynamic was followed up with a White Edition to give flexibility for builders that wanted a different color option for their builds.

PC-O11 Dynamic Flexible and expandable cooling option with tool-less, modular design
PC-O11 Air

Demand for a high-airflow variation of the PC-O11 Dynamic led to the development of the PC-O11 Air. A high-airflow variation of the PC-O11 Dynamic featuring the same feature set but swapped out the glass front panel for a high-airflow vent front. This allowed for greater watercooling options for high-performance builds that required more cooling and airflow.

Unleash Maximum Airflow with LIANLI PC-O11 Air Chassis

Later in the year, LIANLI reintroduced the world to the classic LANCOOL series with the arrival of the LANCOOL ONE chassis. Featuring LIANLI’s signature brushed aluminum touch on the front panel, the LANCOOL ONE married modern tempered glass with signature LIANLI aluminum. This culminated in a highly elegant, stylish chassis that brings modern features to a classic design and a touch of RGB also made it pop more.

LIANLI Fuse Classic Brushed Aluminum and Modern RGB Lighting with new LANCOOL ONE Chassis
LIANLI Strimer

To further accentuate builds, LIANLI released the world’s first RGB LED PSU cable: the LIANLI Strimer. Available in both 24-pin and 8-pin options, the LIANLI Strimer surprised the world just when people are asking what’s the next thing to get the RGB treatment. The LIANLI Strimer features adjustable lighting effects and is compatible on most boards with RGB control.

World’s First RGB Power Connector Cable: Strimer 24-pin
Strimer 8-pin is designed for GPU for clean and beauty cable management
Bora Lite

Finally, rounding up the 2018 LIANLI release line is the Bora Lite fans. To compliment builds that want more LIANLI touch, LIANLI’s Bora Lite fans feature great RGB lighting and the Bora Lite Silver features an aluminum frame to further provide a premium touch to any build.

The aluminum frame on Bora Lite Fans adds a sleek appeal to the RGB control technology

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