NVIDIA nerfs RTX 3060 for mining

NVIDIA nerfs RTX 3060 for mining

February 18, 2021 0 By GGWPTech Editor

NVIDIA is nerfing the GeForce RTX 3060 by limiting its hash rate down by 50% so that it’s less desirable for miners. In a blogpost made by NVIDIA, they emphasized the GeForce RTX graphics cards are made for gamers, and they will update software drivers designed to detect the Ethereum cryptocurrency mining algorithm’s specific attributes and limit the hash rate or cryptocurrency mining efficiency.

Miners should not fret, though, because the company is also announcing the NVIDIA CMP or Cryptocurrency Mining Processor, intended for professional mining. These cards will be sold through authorized partners, which will hopefully alleviate the GPU shortage for gamers.

CMP products will not have graphics processing capabilities and will lack display outputs and they will also have lower core voltage and frequency to improve mining efficiency.

NVIDIA further says that they will now “With CMP, we can help miners build the most efficient data centers while preserving GeForce RTX GPUs for gamers.”