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Nvidia and AMD are both working on Ray Tracing technologies to bring photo-realistic computer graphics

Nvidia and AMD has announced that they are closely working with Microsoft to improve Ray Tracing technologies to help developers, artists and designers to implement Real-time Tracing in their creations.

NVIDIA RTX Real-Time Ray Tracing Tech Demo From Remedy Entertainment

Nvidia has put together their Ray Tracing technology, called NVIDIA RTX, with their workstation-class graphics cards using the new Volta architecture like the NVIDIA® Quadro® GV100 GPU, helping 3D artists make computational intensive ray tracing possible in real time when running professional design and content creation applications.

Media and entertainment professionals can see and interact with their creations with correct light and shadows, and do complex renders up to 10x faster than with a CPU alone. Product designers and architects can create interactive, photoreal visualizations of massive 3D models — all in real time.

Real-time tracing with Radeon ProRender

On the other hand, AMD announced the Radeon ProRender support for real-time GPU acceleration of ray tracing techniques mixed with traditional rasterization-based rendering. This kind of processing will speed up rasterization by fusing both techniques allowing users of Radeon ProRender to have physically-based realism that they expect for their workflows.

I am personally interested on what kind of outputs will these technologies have on the future of 3D content creation, especially in video games and movies. Looking back from the time when the first graphics processing unit was first invented, technology has come a really long way and everything is just evolving really fast.

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