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MSI GTX 1660 Lineup – The Next Episode?

2019 – is just in the middle of its first quarter and yet it seems like a lot has happened and was released within the grasp of the consumers’ hands.

The 1660 phenomena has swept the mainstream market. Why? – it’s because it dropped the prices of cards drastically and are good contenders to dethrone the usual 1050ti and 1060 for the go-to budget card.

MSI has a vast range of 1660 and 1660ti. This isn’t surprised considering that the company is one of the leaders in the industry – but do you really need that many variants? with that number of options, we’re here to let you know the difference and use for the different variants.

We’ll start with the highest tier –

The Gaming

The Gaming variants come in the regular Gaming and Gaming X. both variants come out of the box in higher clock speeds and can even reach higher clock speeds through manual overclocking

Usually you would see other brands rocking 3 fans on their higher tier cards, MSI only has 2 beefy fans for this monster but it does make up for it in the thickness department. Higher OC mean Higher temps – MSI has it all covered with the improved Twin Frozr design which aims to revamp the previous generation cooling system into a much more efficient and powerful cooling solution for this generation of cards.

The Gaming line of MSI also mixes the metallic finish that the brand will be going for more often in this generation and adding subtle touches of color with the RGB zones in the card.

The second tier is the

The Armor

The Armor variant is much like the Gaming line however less flashy and leaning towards the metal bulk look that MSI is going for. It’s thermal properties is almost on par with the gaming line and even the heatsink is noticeably bulky almost outgrowing the GPU shroud.

The Armor variant focuses on metal and cooling – bulking up on cooling solutions to back up the full overhaul of bulging metal with the promise to keep temps cool even on the highest overclocks.

The third variant or as we can say the mainstream variant is

The Ventus

The Ventus is a more subtle take on the aggressive metal look that MSI was going for on the higher tier cards. However, the Ventus will probably be a more plausible sight on builds due to a more accessible price range and a more forgiving clearance. although with a less beefy cooler – it does make it up for a more balanced approach on card design.

Symmetrical as I like to call it – with a less bulging heatsink and more complimentary size – The Ventus offers its own flair of design to those who fancies it.

The last variant – which is actually one of the more interesting ones

The Aero ITX

ITX has been more accessible these days and with the market slowly growing for the SFF market – The Aero ITX is here to bring the same power in a smaller package, without compromise of course. The Aero ITX was designed to fit the 16xx platform to even the most restricting GPU clearances to date. MSI has outdone themselves here to fill this need in the growing SFF market.

Along with the new generation of cards, MSI also released the Dragon Center which aims to be the “1 click center” for your PC.

Afterburner’s new trick up it’s sleeve

The OC Scanner is like the Auto-OC feature present in most motherboards to check and tune the processor to the most stable OC it can be set to. MSI is bringing it on the fan favorite Afterburner and catering to the GPU needs.



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