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Mech Collective 2018: Annual Mechanical Keyboard Click-Off

This year’s “annual mechanical keyboard click-off” was a great success and surprisingly the usual pattern of succeeding Mech Collectives of increased participants was also present.

The mechanical keyboard community in the Philippines isn’t the biggest when compared to other present hobbies in the country, not everyone will be willing to drop a couple of thousand pesos for a quality mechanical keyboard let alone understand the use and benefits of it and the different mods in a project board. The mechanical keyboard hobbyist community in the Philippines is one of the few groups I’ve seen to be filled with professionals and mature people – How’d I say this? Imagine a packed events area to be packed with people and having their pricey-expensive keyboards for display – you would expect chaos but everything went out smoothly and I don’t know if it could’ve turned out better.

The venue was packed but everything and everyone was civilized enough to make the experience more worthwhile – there were 3 main rows for keyboard display and you just needed to find a spot where yours fit. Sadly, my keycap set didn’t arrive on time to had it with my IKBC MF87 so I just had it stock.

The amount of keyboards in the event was definitely more than last years Mech Collective. If you brought a non-hobbyist in the event, it would sure be an experience to will let that person understand the hobby itself. All keyboards of all layouts, colors, configurations, and eras was present – even unfinished ones. At this point it isn’t rare to feel that this can be considered art. This is a hobby that stimulates sight, sound, and touch, and the event has succeeded in displaying this.

Personally, I am a clicky type of person when it comes to keyboards. I got to try out a couple of keyboards and it made my day. There was this ye-olde keyboard I was able to test and boy the sound was clicky enough to make me happy just by using it. I was also able to find a 60% keyboard which had a wood case went well with the cherry blossom keycaps.

Rakk Gears were also present in the event and had their prototype keyboard available to test – They also revealed that the keyboard in the event will have Gateron yellows for switches once released. They have mentioned in securing the deal with Gateron itself for future transactions as well.

The event was closed with the raffle of items from the different sponsors of the event. Keyboards, artisan keycaps, and additional keyboard accessories were raffled out with everyone cheering for everytime they came close to the number picked or if the one drawn wasn’t around. The organizers even almost forgot to take a group picture with all the hype going around.

Before we left, we tried to get a hold of the main organizers of the event – Karlo and Myk.
We asked if they were interested in bringing Mech Collective to this years ESGS just as a suggestion. They mentioned that if they can get a hold of someone from the event and something can be arranged for the people willing to participate on a display of peripheral goodness then it was all good to materialize – They mentioned that free entrance for the participating exhibitors would be enough to entice people and also gave the idea of including audio peripherals in the mix.

What do you think? Do you think we should bring Mech Collective to ESGS 2018? Something new to the event is a great thing to look forward to and an introduction to the dear hobby is a good image for the whole community itself. Lets make #BringMechCollectiveToESGS2018 a thing shall we?

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