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Gamdias Newest Products That Will Show On CES 2019

CES 2019 that will be happening in Las Vegas NV this January 8, 2019. For people who don’t know CES. The International Consumer Electronics Show is an annual event since 1967. It is an event where brands show off technologies innovations and breakthroughs to the consumers from all around the world.

And this year Gamdias is excited to introduce a whole range of products categorized into gaming gears, components, and furniture. That is aimed to provide an all-in-one solution to a player’s gaming setup.

HERA Software / Mobile HERA App

Using the products of Gamdias you can easily control the key functions, macros, profiles, lightning and sound effect on their gaming gears and lighting effects on their gaming components and furniture when using the Hera software and Mobile Hera app. Besides that, the app does support monitoring of your CPU, GPU and RAM utilization.


A gaming RGB keyboard that features 16.8 million colors. Lighting effects of the keyboard can be controlled via either HERA software or Mobile HERA app. Speaking of the mobile app, there is a mobile-device holder that is designed on the back edge of the keyboard making it easier to monitor the status of the system through a mobile-device screen using the Mobile HERA app.


The HADES M1 gaming mouse is a wireless mouse that supports up to 10,800 DPI through its optical sensor technology. This mouse is customizable where you can change its side panels and you can tune the weight to your own desire.


HEBE P1 gaming headset features a 53mm driver unit that can deliver simulated 7.1 surround sound that will give you a more immersive sense of the surroundings in the game you’re playing. Additionally, it also has noise cancellation – where it reduces the background noises of your surroundings and establish more closed and separated sound experience when playing your favorite games. The HEBE P1 has a 3.5mm and gold-plated USB plug that is compatible with PC, and 3.5mm for PS4, Xbox One, VR and also your mobile.


HEBE P1A is an improved version of the previous headphone the HEBE P1. It features a 53mm HD driver unit that delivers simulated 7.1 surrounding sound and noise cancellation feature. But much better headphone design with RGB integrated to it.


They’re all into RGB integration and chassis options is also in their list. They came up with a PC case – the “Talos P1A” where you can place its I/O plate on the top of the case or the bottom of the case depending on the situation of your system location. Besides that, it features four tempered glass panels, front, both sides and on the top to be able to show off your awesome components.


To suite the case they had, they made a CPU cooler that comes with 3 dual ring RGB fans that can sync with a motherboard’s RGB header that enhances the aesthetic design of the case. Furthermore, the CHIONE P1A comes with a radiator that is large enough to provide better heat dissipation capability, allowing cooler CPU temperatures and longevity.


To suite the RGB system and peripherals. They went all out with the ACHILLES P1 gaming chair that has customizable RGB lighting on it and was designed after the outline of a sports car seat. The seat was made not only to address aesthetics but also provide functionality through the support for the users’ necks and waists that can create a better more comfortable experience that can extend longer play times.


The DAEDALUS E1 gaming desk is the final piece of the puzzle – a wonderful addition to any setup –  let alone to complement the Gamdias lineup. the water-resistant gaming mouse mat on the top portion of the desk makes it resistant to accidental spills, it also helps tidy up your setup because of the cable management system design on it and it does support four balance adjustment knobs to adjust the height of the desk to match uneven ground level.

Learn more of their products on their website and also on their Facebook page.

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