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First IMAX with Laser Cinema in Southeast Asia

Vista Cinema just launched their first IMAX with laser cinema in their mall at 4/F Evia Lifestyle Center in Las Piñas City, Philippines. This is the first to adapt the technology in Southeast Asia.

The new IMAX with Laser cinema brings a new experience to the usual movie night. It brings next-generation 4k laser assisted projection and it also comes with a 12-channel sound system – that means the projection of the movie you’ll be watching is much sharper, more vivid and lifelike, brighter, more in-contrast, and lastly its heaver color accuracy in IMAX than ever before.

For the sound technology – it uses a 12-channel sound system that gives you a greater dynamic range which will provide a more immersive experience during the movie.

In line with all of the technology that’s involved in this Asia-first cinema, It’s important to go back to our roots on what’s also important – Comforability. Vista Cinemas invested in 360 comfortable seats from Figueras – a leading manufacturing company that specializes in making high-end seats. They made the extended the leg room thus completing the “comfort at home” package on your next movie excursion.

The premium price tag of 650 pesos is not that bad considering that everything mentioned comes with a free popcorn and drink. So, this holiday season – maybe this is the family trip for you or maybe even just “treat yo self” moment you’ve always been thinking of. Nevertheless, Head on down to the IMAX with Laser cinema at 4/F Evia Lifestyle Center in Las Piñas City, Philippines for the “Extra” movie experience you’ve never experienced before.



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