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ESGS Mech Collective Teaser: The Most Biased Top 5 Keyboard List That Went Way Too Far

As the ESGS Mech Collective gets closer and closer – the starter enthusiast or maybe someone just entering the hobby might ask “What can I really expect from mech collective and the whole keyboard hobby itself?”

The humble Mech Collective is a great way to see the hobby at a more general view as you’ll be presented almost all kinds of keyboards, enthusiasts, and even ideologies in choosing a path through the hobby.

We’ve brought a small list of keyboards that caught our eye in the annual mech collective earlier this year – who knows? some of them might be returning in the ESGS Mech Collective.

As a person who’s fairly new to the hobby – someone like me who prefers clicky switches has the right to name this list as the most biased top 5 keyboard list that went way too far.

Do note that this list is fairly biased or is based truly in my opinion who is fairly leaning towards heavy weighted and clicky keyboards. But it isn’t biased enough to pick my own keyboard or the keyboards of my fellow writers here in GGWPtech and other partner organizations.

  1. Beltron TK
    This puppy that looked like it came from nuclear launch facility or the early cold war era space missions caught my eye for 2 things – it looks authentically vintage and it looks heavy. But little did I know that its sound would be the best trait that would earn a spot on my list. I read a little about the switches and the keyboard itself and it turns out they were known for their sound as well. The click sounded like a full unhallowed click – it also didn’t feel flimsy and high pitched.

  2. Dodecahedron
    I don’t even know if the keys on this thing is working but it was totally an attention whore and had a nickname of “OG stress ball” at some point during the event. The idea was simple – to put 12 different switches to a 12 sided dice shaped piece. It would be really cool though if this is functional.
  3. Baybayin AF Keyboard
    If you want to be an OG oldie type of person that wants to flex that vintage look without losing out on the modern feel then this keyboard would appeal to you. This custom Coolermaster keyboard comes with custom Baybayin PBT keyset. If some of you aren’t familiar, Baybayin is the ancient and official alphabet of our ancestors in the Philippines. If you prefer the vintage and old look then you can’t find anything more appealing than this in the event.
  4. Sakura GK64 with Hako True
    This keyboard puts an emphasis that the hobby isn’t just a hobby but can somehow be seen as art. Meet this project keyboard with the wood case to the sakura – cherry blossom motif keyset. The blend between the case and keys stood out for me as I found it to be in harmony and was built for each other. The weight of the keyboard was average and the wood case didn’t feel cheap, it was a bit textured as well. I forgot the switches this used but it felt like Gat blacks?
    Not sure, since I was too busy looking at the aesthetic look of the keyboard
  5. KIRA80

    Without even touching the keys, this stood out the most for me during the event. This thing was said to weigh in at around 8 kilos – and I thought my stock IKBS MF87 was heavy at 2.5kg. This project keyboard was also decked out from the PBT dye-sub keycaps, the gold springs that was installed, and it was also lubed.

    This keyboard truly is a model for future project keyboards and also the green case felt like it nailed everything that this board showcases in the event.

    So what do you think of these babies that welcomes the humble starting keyboard enthusiast in the gates of board heaven? What boards are you looking forward to see again if ever in ESGS Mech Collective? You might be surprised that there are new upgrades and revamps to some of the keyboards
    Mechanical Keyboard Warriors PH in cooperation with PinoyPartPicker and GGWPTECH would like to invite everyone to the first ever ESGS Mech Collective 2018 – Witness different keyboards in all shapes, sizes, and colors in the events place as well as meet and consult with the different keyboard enthusiasts of MKBWPH.

    ESGS Mech Collective will be held on October 27, 2018 (ESGS Day 2) at 1pm to 5pm in SMX 2nd Floor Meeting Room 9

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