INTERVIEW | ASG Technologies Continuous To Provide Automation Business Solutions In PH

INTERVIEW | ASG Technologies Continuous To Provide Automation Business Solutions In PH

July 20, 2018 0 By Ira James

Originally offering mainframe management software, ASG Technologies has been providing mission-critical technology solutions for hybrid enterprises around the world.

Praveen Kumar, General Manager (APAC) for ASG Technologies

“Our clients range from large financial institutions, BPOs, and even telecommunication companies,” said Praveen Kumar, general manager at ASG Technologies for Asia-Pacific in an interview with Ira James. “And most of our clients are very interested in automation to increase efficiency in the workforce.”

Automation helps employees so that they can do the actual work that they are supposed to do more efficiently and are actually part of their core jobs. Most of the time-consuming work that employees tend to take over are mostly clean-up jobs like copying files, moving content from one machine to another, and that sort of thing. But those “clean-up jobs” are very critical for a company because they are mostly required for processing end of day content.

“This is where our solutions come in because those daily jobs don’t usually change and employees do the same things over and over again and when these jobs gets delayed, it can cause negative effects on critical data processing,” said Kumar. “These processes could include account debiting, account crediting, possible insurance dues, sending data to companies which process credit card information, and a bunch of other things.”

Delay in data processing is just one factor the executive said. There could also be issues due to human error like someone not doing their jobs, someone doing things differently, and even someone having a hard time understanding a language. ASG Technologies’ automation solutions comes in because not only automation would do these jobs in a predefined way, it would do it the way it should have been done unless something changes.

Most companies in the Philippines, especially banks, according to the ASG executive, are interested in these solutions because the work is always increasing in scale and these financial institutions want to reduce the amount of issues that can happen.

“With the large volume of data coming in everyday, it’s almost a nightmare not to have a content management platform that can help organize all the data within the content,” Kumar said.

Physical documents that can be scanned and digitized, audio and video files stored within a depository which could be support calls, CRM calls that are recorded for both quality and analysis at some point in time, these are examples of content. The data within these content are a totally different thing and managing them on a daily basis making sure that they are stored, indexed, and archived, as well as putting control on what documents can be viewed by authorized personnel.

Looking at the big picture, there is more to data management and analysis than what is actually perceived as these are the things happening behind the scenes making operations within a company possible.

ASG Technologies has been in business for more than 30 years selling software ranging from mainframe automation and mainframe management performance, and expanding into providing content management solutions, content services, data intelligence as well as also managing the software in the distributed platforms.

“In the Philippines, our core business has continuously grown in the past 12 years and is still going strong,” Kumar said.