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Digitally transforming PH educational landscape

Digital Transformation has influenced the way Filipinos live their daily lives. Whether we engage in work, play, and communication, we are influenced by technology. Back in the day, technology hasn’t really influenced much of our country’s industries and I.T. related jobs didn’t even exist. The schools remained traditional for many years and students had to learn digital skills through experience and not everyone had a computer and any form of computing device at home.

Now, as the modern society becomes digitally transformed, workplaces demand a lot of digital skills and educators had to integrate these skills so that they can prepare their students to work in a highly digital workspace. Now, almost every home has a computer and access to the Internet. This drastically changed society as a whole as we can get connected to the rest of the world easily. New kinds of professions and industries started appearing as well and a new demand for a different kind of workforce has arised.

“Engaging students remains one of the core pillars in the digital transformation of education. How they use technology is crucial in promoting collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills” said Clarissa Segismundo, Education Programs lead at Microsoft Philippines, explained the importance of digital tools in learning.

But technology alone cannot develop the 21st-century skills students require. Technology is an accelerator and an equalizer, but it needs guidance and knowledge on proper utilization to truly have an impact on student development.

With this in mind, Microsoft and UnionBank are working together to transform the educational landscape in the Philippines by equipping educators and students with the right skills through the Microsoft Education
Ambassadors Program: a collaboration of passionate educators who aims to drive the introduction of Microsoft’s range of education apps and tools across the country.

The program aims to empower schools, educators, and students with 21st century skills through the proper use of technology for teaching and learning. To date, there are over 1,000 Microsoft Education Ambassadors advocating teaching with technology in various parts of the country.

“It is UnionBank’s mission and vision to stay grounded on its purpose of ‘Making a Difference’. And we hope to truly make a difference with Microsoft. It’s an exciting time as UnionBank employees open new doors of opportunities for the youth through technology,” said Henry Aguda, senior executive vice president and chief transformation officer at UnionBank.

With extensive experience in the industry, UnionBank’s education ambassadors can share valuable insight on the demands and requirements of the modern workplace. It is the desire to impart knowledge and expertise to the country’s future workforce, that led Michaela Rubio, executive vice president and HR director at UnionBank, to develop this program with Microsoft.

“As Microsoft education ambassadors, UnionBank employees will serve as inspiration and valued resource persons for students and teachers. They possess the necessary expertise and skills to meet industry standards and can pass these on to the next generation,” Rubio said.

As ambassadors of education and technology, UnionBank’s MEAs will be training teachers on Microsoft tools and technologies to help improve productivity, classroom engagement, and learning outcomes.

“At Microsoft, we recognize the value of our country’s young minds in shaping our future. By equipping them with work-ready skills with the support of our industry partners like UnionBank, we are paving the way towards employability and economic progress” said Segismundo.


this article was originally published on the pages of The Manila Times

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