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Cyber Security | Experts point out that web browsers are more vulnerable to malware

With the rise to popularity of browser-based web applications in providing efficiency and driving collaboration to the office workspace, as well as managing critical workloads in businesses. Web browsers like Google Chrome, FireFox, and many others have been targeted by cyber criminals. A lot of people may not be aware of it but web browsers are highly vulnerable because hackers can infect a browser by installing malicious plugins, use your computer to mine cryptocurrency without your knowledge, and steal data through phishing and other forms of social engineering.

Let’s be honest, not all users read what pops up in the screen and most will just click “yes” without investigating the message or what was the confirmation for. This is very critical as many SMEs in the Philippines have very loose and outdated security policies when it comes to browsing the internet and most users are not that savvy in applying common sense when surfing the web.

With that, an I.T. Management Company, ManageEngine introduced a product called Browser Security Plus to help organizations protect their data from web-based cyberattacks. In an interview with Mr. Mathivanan V, Vice President, ManageEngine, he said that “Through customer feedback from the users of our products – we got a good insight regarding the browser option and the corresponding use of the browser.”

Being an opportunity to provide a new product for browser security, ManageEngine has developed a comprehensive browser management solution that can secure multiple browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. According to a report made by Statista, browsers have accounted for 23.47% of exploit attacks as of Q1 of 2018. This has made a serious impact in security as attackers target unsecured browsers and web applications that create lasting business repercussions.  

“Most SMEs nowadays are using cloud-based and web-based applications like CRMs, Office collaboration tools, email, among many others and these are accessed through a web browser. Taking into account that employees use the same web browser to access other websites, the level of risks involved in having corporate data compromised increases as well.”

ManageEngine Browser Security Plus is available for free when you subscribe to any of their other security solutions. The only difference between the free version is that you will only have a license to use it up to 25 computers. Browser Security Plus will enable I.T. teams to implement security policies in their organizations so that they can control what users access with their web browsers, among many features packaged in this security solution.

Mr. Mathivanan also said that “Employees are not aware  of the security risks that comes with using the browser because they use the same browser to access other applications like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other cloud applications. There is always a good chance that malware can be accidentally accessed by the user and will be installed in the browser and infect the rest of the network” Mr. Mathivanan continues.

There is a constant risk assessment in the industry as malware gets more sophisticated and users continue vulnerable to social engineering attacks. Even though that we have security solutions in place, it will only work effectively when applied hand to hand with basic cyber security awareness.

Ira James
Ira James is an enthusiast who has his roots on PC hardware and gaming. His career as a tech journalist began after working in the PR industry for two years. He started GGWPTech to write PC hardware reviews, gaming, cyber security, and enterprise tech news. His works are also syndicated by other media publishers: Tech Sabado, and the Sunday and Business I.T. section of Manila Times.

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