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AOC x Alita: Battle Angel premier

AOC, one of the global leaders in display technology, has once again partnered with 20th Century Fox. In line with the partnership – AOC is proud to be the monitor partner for “Alita: Battle Angel” – An epic adventure from the producers of Titanic and Avatar.

AOC has always been dedicated to the pursuit of next level visual and gaming experiences – enhanced by innovative technologies. Along with their partnership with the movie giant to present the release of a groundbreaking film that’s integrated with IMAX – they also tied up their AOC G1 series release as their go to all around monitor that fills the role of different specialized monitors of its competition.

We’re not just talking about a gaming monitor but they have both choice, performance, and function with the product release. They have 32′, 27′, and 24′ available along with both a curved and non curved version while still maintaining 144hz, 1ms function. Slim bezels, anti-glare surface, and sRGB color space of 99% makes it a worthy all around series of monitor in the market.

AOC’s very own influencer Kang Dupet graced the event who came in cosplay as Alita. Mickee Lacerna of Madmodz PC Modding also made a presence with his AGON x Alita: Battle Angel themed pc powered by the RTX 2080Ti.

As for the movie, we won’t talk  about details as much as to not spoil the movie to you itself the movie’s release and AOC’s integration of their new monitor series go well as technology wise the movie’s plot and offering in the IMAX theater.

Basically, Alita is a cyborg taken in (Revived should be a better term) by Ido a Cyborg-Surgeon – miraculously, Alita still has her core and “brain” intact  and was refurbished to the cyborg body that Ido made himself – Slowly, Alita recovers fragments of her past life and also makes some contact with the new world left by “The Fall” – Iron City, a sprawling city of steel and dust.

The movie itself left too many questions unanswered, there we’re many characters present that felt like their introduction was lacking and left me hanging – The pacing of the movie was not bad but also not good; it left a lot of gaps that needed filling but it was noticeable. The ending was also a cliffhanger. The story had a great flow which showed the progression of zero to hero with Alita and steady unraveling of her past through events that also contributed to her journey through Iron City – I like this part of the movie where the past met with the present and provided a complementing bridge of events.

I would give a 8/10 for the movie – technology wise, it looked great in IMAX and furthermore, AOC made a great move in partnering with the setting of “emerging technologies” as a concept. The story could have more in it, honestly – the movie has a lot of missed potential just by providing more on the timeline of the story. I hoped early on the story that most of my questions will be answered but even the past was still just 30% in my head. The movie did offer a great timeline to work with – a rich and colorful story if you would ask me. This would be an eye-candy for most people, even though there were some scenes where blood couldn’t be avoided, the gore was lessened without losing that much flare. All in all this is a great watch especially in the IMAX theater.

AOC Philippines Marketing Manager, Jack Salamia proudly presented the recently launched gaming monitors in the Philippines to the media partners and guests: The G1 series and G2590PX. Both are true gaming monitors that delivers a heightened competitive combat visual experience for the esports enthusiast.

AOC C27G1 Series product highlights
  • The AOC C27G1 is a 27” inch equipped with a curved 144hz, 1ms response, VA Panel that also supports AMD FreeSync.
  • It has anti-glare screen surface with a curve measured at 1500R, steeper than the 1800R typically found in other monitors.
  • The monitor also offers a decent coverage of sRGB color space (99%).
  • It also has slim screen bezels measured at 0.26in on the sides and 0.85in at the bottom giving the monitor that sleek and modern look.
  • Suggested retail price:
    C24G1 – Php19,836
AOC G2590PX and G2790PX product highlights
  • The AOC G2590PX is a 24.5” inch monitor equipped with a 144hz TN Panel that supports AMD FreeSync.
  •  It is also validated as NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible when used with NVIDIA GeForce cards.
  • The TN panel has a decent coverage of sRGB color space (98%).
  • Suggested retail price:
    G2590PX – Php16,236
    G2790PX – Php19,044
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