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CES 2019 – AMD Mobility Update and the Ryzen 3000

We’ve seen our fair share of AMD powered notebooks unfold to the public this past 2018 – AMD isn’t stopping anytime soon, and with the great success from the past, have lead them to focus on integration to the mobile use of the AMD platform.

AMD’s Market Stance

This past 2019, AMD has successfully launched a couple of integrations with laptops and netbooks with the Ryzen and Radeon Vega platform – and this 2019, they’re proud to unveil their steady support for the mobile market.

AMD Ryzen and Radeon for 2019

AMD isn’t just going to bump up the performance but is actually bringing a processor that has the subtle balance between performance and power management.

With AMD featuring processors best suited for professional workloads – it makes sense to arm mobile options such as laptops and even smaller netbooks to avoid compromise on work while on the go.

Ryzen 3000

The Ryzen 3000 H-Series is AMD’s first move to provide laptops the power they need to get through gaming and workloads in 2019.

These new generation of processors will come with Radeon Vega graphics bundled as the on board graphics – The excellent TDP of all versions available gives more options and flexibility to further cater to a more broad range of consumers in the market.

AMD and the humble Chromebook

AMD also aims to further enhance mobile capability by releasing the A4 and A6 for the Chromebook – AMD’s edge with power management has allowed it to pack as much power to the smaller and less power hungry processor, perfect for the Chromebook platform.

Even with just for Chromebook support as of now – AMD has released 2 versions for increased choice to perfectly choose the correct processor for you.

AMD’s capitalization of its market position and taking to account the success from the soft launch of Ryzen laptops from the past year have lead them to take a more smarter approach with the integration of processors to its everyday use and application.

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