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Busy Year for Beep™

This year for AF Payments Inc.’s tap-and-go payment system beep™ card ends 2018 on a high note. Having completed a series of partnerships and improved services, to make payments more convenient to the commuting public.

Peter Maher, president, and CEO of AF Payments Inc.

beep™ is widely used today to pay for transport services. They have been used for point-to-point (P2P) buses plying key cities in the metro and recently they been also used in public utility vehicles such as modern jeepneys and, e-trikes deployed in the walled city of Intramuros.

The beep system has also been introduced recently in Mindanao. As they partner with Husky Tours, which operates a fleet of buses between General Santos and Cotabato.

They also had a blast this year, at 8-8-18 (August 8, 2018). Where beep card hits its 1 billionth transaction in the light rail network (LRT 1, LRT 2, MRT 3) since inception in 2015, which demonstrated the reliability and robustness of their system.

beep™ also enters in the world of retail. Where some establishments accept beep™ such as Auntie Anne’s, Wendy’s, Worship Generation and retail kiosk in train stations like Siomai House and Mr. Donut.

Communities also bid to develop also for cashless communities as they collaborate with beep™. With collaboration with Property Company of Friends (PRO-FRIENDS) to offer beep-enabled resident identification cards for access to transportation to and from and within its master-planned communities in Cavite – Lancaster new City and Bellefort Estates – and also entry for their key facilities.

Besides that, schools bid to develop for a cashless ecosystem as St. Jude Catholic School became the first beep-integrated educational institution with beep-enabled ID Cards. It allows their students to do cash-free transactions from merchants inside the campus and also it enables them to avail of Student discounts when they ride public buses and PUVs with beep acceptance.

As the network grows furthermore they need to have a convenient way of reloading – that is why beep™ card partnered with and EON by Unionbank. It can make the reloading more convenient for the people. As it offers mobile app & Over-the-air (OTA) reloading. They also partner with China Bank for the first ever ATM reloading service.

This year also saw its launch of the beep™ app. It is where cardholders can track their transaction and check load balance. A feature that has been requested ever since by digital-savvy users.

“2018 has been a productive year for beep™ as it allowed us to form strategic alliances and establish more innovative ways to extend our service to a wider public. We look forward to expanding our network through 2019,” Maher said.

What will happen for 2019?

They’ll be pushing more to have a stronger presence in the transport sector. As they will be more buses, modern PUVs, and other transportation options that can be integrated with the card. They’ll also be having support for car parking as they start within Makati. They’re also be expanding their presence outside of Metro Manila.

As the growth always been increasing they’ll be also providing more options for us to load up our beep™ cards. As they partner more with CVS partners and over-the-air loading.

Also, they’ll be further releasing more new features for their beep™ app.

What a year indeed for beep™. If you want to know more about beep™ you may visit their website and official social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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