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ASUS and Schneider Electric partners up for uninterrupted internet connectivity

ASUS and Schneider Electric launched a partnership that will allow Filipinos to have access to uninterrupted internet connectivity by bringing discounted bundles for ASUS wireless routers and APC uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

With unexpected power outages happening especially this rainy season, there is a huge risk of decreased productivity due to Internet loss. Sudden outages can also cause electrical surges that will disable electronic devices and add damage to business productivity.

Uninterruptible power supplies are useful because they prevent voltage fluctuations with their built-in automatic voltage regulators, and they provide continuous power to devices long enough to save your work and allow you to send that important email in the last minute.

Starting from July 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019, end-users who will purchase selected ASUS routers (RT-N12+, RT-N14UHP, and RT-AC53) with an APC Back-UPS Connect will be eligible for a Php200.00 discount on the miniUPS.

The Back-UPS Connect is a small and compact UPS device that is compatible as a replacement DC power supply of your internet modem or NAS that provides up to 120 minutes of backup power in case of unexpected power outages. As a mini UPS, it has an exceptionally small footprint with an 85% power efficiency which allows savings for utility costs and less heat that promotes longer component life.

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