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APC-Microsoft Community and AOC brings the Mixed Reality VR Experience in Tech Fest

Asia Pacific College kicked off their School of Computing and I.T.’s Tech Fest this week. The academic school organization, together with APC-Microsoft Community, spearheaded the Microsoft Roadshow exhibiting the software giant’s mixed reality and VR technology in collaboration with leading PC monitor maker AOC.


Students had a chance to experience the virtual reality game Beat Saber using Acer’s Mixed Reality Headset and War Robots on the Oculus Development Kit VR headset. In line with this, AOC provided two of their top of the line Agon gaming monitors: the AG271QG, which has a 1440p display with 165hz VA panel and Nvidia G-sync technology, and the AG271QGX, which is also a 1440p display but with a 144hz VA panel and AMD Freesync technology. AOC also graciously provided merchandises that were given to students who participated in the games.

Both VR capable computers are equipped with AMD and Nvidia graphics respectively and was able to show what these high-end gaming monitors are capable of.

“The gaming experience on these monitors is amazing!” expressed one student spectator on the sidelines. “The game looks so fluid on the screen and I have never seen anything like it.”

“We are happy and thankful for the joint efforts of AOC and APC-MSC in showcasing the latest gaming technology from two different perspectives: being experienced through Microsoft Mixed Reality Headset and through the high refresh rate AOC gaming monitors utilizing both G-sync and Freesync technology.” said Jayvee Cabardo, director for Education Technology of Asia Pacific College.

Along with the Mixed Reality Showcase, APC-Microsoft Community also did several academic events in the Tech Fest through the Microsoft Roadshow: seminars on Technopreneurship, Hour of Code, and Project Management Tools. These were done in order to help students learn new skills that will prepare them in their future careers filled with Digital Transformation.

“With their exposure on spatial computing, we are looking forward to see the future content that will be produced by APC students. I am positive that this is a beginning of a great partnership between AOC and APC.” Cabardo said.

Ira James
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