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AMD Reveals their B450 chipset: supports StoreMI Technology and more

AMD have finally revealed details about their new B450 chipset for motherboards that will be coming in to the market in the next couple of weeks in line with the planned support for the AM4 platform until year 2020.

Looking back at the current AMD processors available in AM4 platform, all AM4 processors are backwards compatible with A320, B350, X370, and X470 serving different needs and purposes. This is advantageous to consumers because won’t have to buy a totally different set of hardware because of the AM4 platform’s long-term upgrade path.

When the X470 chipset came out, we investigated how backwards compatibility affected the performance of the Ryzen 5 2600X as well as differences in overclockability and the results are very negligible depending on the motherboard and we expect it to be the same with the B450 chipset. Memory support has also matured with the new chipsets and continuous BIOS updates from motherboard manufacturers.

B450 chipset equipped motherboards will have 24 PCIe Gen. 3 lanes, overclocking support for all Ryzen processors, memory overclocking, and AMD StoreMI Technology. This means that the mid-range consumer will have access to all the high-end features the B450 chipset. We personally feel that the StoreMI Technology is the most unique feature that AMD has included with the B450 as this is being offered this without extra cost.

With the fact that the upcoming B450 chipset is also scalable, consumers will have a very decent upgrade path whether they decide to start out with just the entry-level Ryzen 3 2200G with Vega 11 graphics.

Users will also be able to utilize the full bandwidth PCIe lanes with multi-GPUs and NVMe SSDs, as well as full bandwidth of SATA controllers and other peripherals just as they would on a higher-tier chipset.

In summary, as seen on the image below, the upcoming B450 motherboards will now be the value-oriented series in the AM4 platform as of date as they will have features that used to be only available in the higher-end motherboards, though we have yet to see how they will hold up in overclocking the 8-core Ryzen processors.

We’re pretty excited to see what motherboard manufacturers have in store for us as there are definitely going to be a wide selection of products for consumers if they want to jump on the AM4 platform.


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