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5 Tech Gear Worth Checking Out in

Looking for new tech products? We have some flash sales from where you might find useful.

Ergonomic mice designs have less become a taboo within the community as it fills a specific niche in the market – It does work especially with people having wrist problems. at a little less than 500 pesos, this mouse features a matte finish that aids in the grip – and lets be honest it does give it a more decent look.

The Zerodate wireless mouse is also a solid choice if you’re looking on purchasing a mice at less than 500 pesos – it’s also rechargeable, which drops the hassle of changing batteries every now and then. it doesn’t scream super cheapo RGB mice as well which gives the impression that the manufacturers we’re putting that this is a wireless mouse and would eat up power in to mind


A bulky take for a sling bag –  this multi function bag doubles up as a utility with a USB port present for charging your gadgets – now you won’t be left with the phrase “Oh i forgot my power bank” cause the power bank is already integrated with your pack.

Ajazz is known for their cheap keyboards and okay-ish keycaps – Their mechanical keyboards does do their job enough for it to be actually a nice option. at a little less of 3000 pesos, you already get a full sized mechanical keyboard that comes in either black or red switches – I wish they could have included blue switches in the bunch for this drop though. We also wish to see more keycap selections in the site. (ehem Akko and Maxkey)

This is actually one of the better finds of the bunch – As this is a way cheaper and more versatile alternative to the Nanoleaf dynamic lighting system that almost everyone know these days (not by name tho – but most people could understand when you say “those triangle light thingies”) Lighting is on par with the Nanoleafs by being capable of displaying colors by their solid form or gradient versions – The lifesmart nanoleafs is a bit more versatile when you look at the dock it has also is a stand you want to use it as a lamp – you can also connect multiple panels this way – perfect if you have desk space but limited wall space.

We’ll definitely try to get our hands on the lifesmart nanoleafs for a future article.

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