Tamago Pulls Out of Asian Market – Major Streamers Affected

Streaming in the Philippines flourished when some breakthrough YouTubers and streamers made it big on Twitch.  December 15, 2017 saw the start of Tamago which aimed to rival the bigger streaming platform, and August of the same year bore witness to the “Great Migration” of most beloved PH streamers we loved and subscribed to.

While the streamers thrived in Tamago after a successful start, it proved to be short-lived as rumors of dissent within the ranks started to bloom only a few days shy of their first anniversary.

Tamago’s Closure

Official Tamago Statement


This was posted on Tamago’s website yesterday, December 3, 2018, after known streamers and Esports personalities began posting cryptic messages on their pages and personal social media walls about something big happening in the streaming industry.  Tamago will cease all operations starting December 31st of this year and any monetary support subscribers and followers gave their respective streamer will only be valid if it was given before December 8th.

While the official statement said that they were closing due to business difficulties, rumor has it that the closure was a result of Tamago’s Chinese partner Huomao’s misuse of resources.  The funds were granted to them by Malaysia’s Astro Holdings Bhd – one of Tamago’s biggest investors.

The Streaming Controversy


The post that garnered controversy after the news

Just a few hours after the announcement of Tamago’s closure, Lyn Li, one of NimoTv’s Official Staff (a streaming platform that rivaled Tamago) posted this public statement on her wall.  While some people shared it to inform their streamer friends who are looking for a new home, some viewed it as unethical and very disrespectful.

A very passionate caption after the post was shared

Supporters argue that it’s just how business worked, but some were disgusted by the way NimoTV seemed to ride on Tamago’s downfall in hopes of boosting their own streamer roster.  No further statements from both sides were given as of the moment but we will make sure to stay updated on this matter.

What are your thoughts?  How do you think this will affect the streaming market in the future?


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