REVIEW | Xanova Pulsar: Balance Within

Xanova’s trend in creating straightforward peripherals with the much needed features of other known brands but cutting corners through the unnecessary points or parts where they can afford to lose in exchange for other features. – And now the Pulsar.

The Xanova Pulsar looks impressive for avid minimalists and also to certain niches that look for specific features like the dropping of RGB, dedicated media keys, and the profile of the keyboard itself.

What’s in the Box

The Xanova Pulsar box has all the details you need and more printed on the sides of the box. For a minimalist style keyboard, it carries a lot of features.

We expected to see a wrist rest inside the box, due to the slots in front of the keyboard that indicates an accessory placed – However, it seems like an aftermarket wrist rest would be needed or maybe an expansion to an accessory that Xanova might be looking to release in the future.

The Balance of Power

The Xanova Pulsar is a gem within the choices between keyboards who hold basic features and boards who hold specific niche features.

The Pulsar just doesn’t take a couple of features and fits it in hoping to create a board – but it takes these features, modifies them, and presents them in the most balanced way possible.

The Pulsar’s winning edge against other keyboards in the market would be having the audio visualizer, a volume wheel, and the frame of the keyboard itself.

A balance between features of high value keyboards coupled with distinguished industry standards presented in the lowest price possible brings the edge of the Pulsar against it’s adversaries.

Build and Performance

The Pulsar is holds a frame and a design that is easy to clean and doesn’t stock up on dirt easily due to the open design resembling that of a Rantopad board.

The keyboard also features a top aluminum plate that helps minimize flex of the board but not completely.

Imagine a full layout keyboard with the useless space removed – The Pulsar is a good example of this concept that aims to highlight the keys and elevation whilst removing the leftover space around it for more space on your desk and your mouse.

The media wheel at the top right of the board isn’t just for volume – You can toggle between volume control or LED brightness beside it.

For a non-RGB keyboard, it still carries a lot of options for LED control and modes. Boasting different customization profiles, key by key modes, full keyboard modes, and an audio visualizer that works well through the Xanova software.

The feet of the board is great and not like other boards which has it closing back when moving the board forward. The elevation of the board without the feet up is also nice as it isn’t too low or too high with the option for an increase with its flippable feet.

The Pulsar just have everything going for it and I can confidently confirm that you can never go wrong with this keyboard even without touching any settings.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

Feature packed with the tools that matter in the most practical configuration – The Xanova Pulsar is a balance between feature, presentation, and configuration.

The Pulsar rolls out at 4799 pesos – A good below 5k board packed with features that you would see on more expensive boards. I would’ve loved to see a removable cable but I think that could be a room for improvement in the future.

If you have been buying RGB peripherals all your life or if you’re looking for a decently priced keyboard with a lot of features, The Pulsar is a perfect buy for you to jumpstart your fascination with minimalist and presentation centric design.


More Space, Same Features – The design of the Pulsar minimizes the whole shape of the keyboard but keeps enough to have space for all buttons and the extra features it has

Cherry MX Superiority – The Pulsar keeps a price below 5000 pesos even with a board full of Cherry MX switches. It does this by using non RGB switches but keeps a white LED with the switches.

Slot for Improvement – The Pulsar has a slot for a attachable wristrest, this can mean an aftermarket wristrest or maybe a Xanova wristrest can fit this one in the future.


Non Removable, Non Type C – The Pulsar has skipped out on a Type C USB cord or even a removable variant.

Slight Flex – There were some slightly noticeable flex even with an incorporated aluminum top plate.

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