REVIEW | Xanova Mensa Pro Mouse: Basic Ergonomics

Xanova enters the competitive mouse market with the Mensa Pro – A mouse that’s promised to have maxed out features while maintaining a middle end price tag.

The Mensa Pro is promising with its respectable sensor, 50m rated clickers, and a price tag around 3000 pesos which for me is the middle point for budget mice and more expensive options.

Quick Specifications

What’s in the Box

Xanova presents the Mensa Pro in a convenient package where you can try out the mouse even without removing it from the box – kind of like a test fit!

The box isn’t hard to open and isn’t one of those annoying sealed plastic containers.

Build and Performance

The Xanova Mensa Pro is a familiar feel for me – It resembles the Razer Viper with its shape. The most TLDR explanation I can give is the Mensa Pro is a bigger and heavier Viper…. BUT with a couple of caveats!

To start things off, I was happy with the braiding of the Mensa Pro it wasn’t better than the Viper but it was on par with my standards; as long as it wasn’t the thick braid that tethers easily then it was okay for me.

The Mensa Pro physically speaking is different but it brings some of the features from the Viper. The gritty surface of the Mensa Pro felt similar to the Viper and worked the same way – It minimized the dirt build up and aided with the grip.

I wasn’t that much impressed with the skates of the Mensa Pro – I felt it was inadequate at certain times. The exact term I would use with it was a bit hindered by a rough feeling on certain occurrences. A couple of aftermarket mouse skates can fix this.

During a run with the Mousetester it is evident that the PWM3389 is still a great overall sensor that conveniently works consistently throughout all DPI levels with non existent to minor inconsistencies shown in the graph.

I was kindda sad about the mouse not being ambidextrous but that is a small feature to sacrifice for the whole package. I also commend the mouse wheel as one of the more stable ones I’ve came across.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The Xanova Mensa Pro is a great mid tier priced mouse with the industry standard features. The performance of the mouse is on par with more expensive mice but in a more cheaper frame. I would highly recommend you getting aftermarket skates for this mouse to maximize its performance.

This mouse is far from light but weight doesn’t bother you at all then the exquisite sensor coupled with the grip it provides would get you through most cases. A highly commendable less than 100g mouse to be used in all occasions.


Mid Tier Price, High Tier Features – At the price of 3000 pesos, it’s easily a mid tier priced mouse with a great sensor and features present on more expensive mice

Familiar but not Cheaper – If you’re a thousand pesos away from getting a Razer Viper, the Mensa Pro is a good alternative with just a few caveats.


Skates aren’t the Best – Although workable, the skates on the Mensa Pro feels rough at certain times. A couple of aftermarket skates can fully utilize the mouse.

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