REVIEW | Tecware Haste XL RGB: Breaking Boundaries

“The Tecware Haste XL RGB shows us how you can modify a perfectly launched product to a new one for the market itself – The Haste XL is a well made product that has a respectable size while having a good surface and now we’re adding RGB to it without adding that much price; Perfect.”

2018 has been the setting stone for many innovations and integrations – mostly integrations; especially with the RGB compatibility and adaptability – Tecware didn’t skip out with this – Their Orbis Spectrum release last year even got an update through addressable RGB.


The Haste XL RGB was well packaged and not crammed – meaning you won’t have to worry about fully flattening it that much and the removable micro-usb cable was well secured between the cardboard insert that keeps the mousepad secured

Specs and Features
  • 3mm Thick
  • 300m Tall
  • 800m Long

The mousepad is the same as the regular Tecware Haste pad – however, I feel the difference between regular cheap speed surface pads with this “high-density” material pad. It feels more firm and less soft – making it classified as a speed pad but the firmness gives it a control style stiffness.

The waterproof feature of the pad is okay-ish at best – it keeps most liquids from seeping in the pad but is not entirely waterproof to prevent liquid residue from staining it.

The light modes are the following from the first one to the last one

Static color – Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Cyan, Yellow, White
Breathing color – Same cycle as the static color
Color Switch – I’m not sure if this mode has a glitch as the cycling seems twitching at times
Color Marquee – This is a cycle of the RGB colors through a marquee with gradient setup

The stitches that hold the RGB lighting are well stitched into place – I’ve proven this as I’ve brushed on some of the stitches a couple of times enough to wear them down if they were regular stitches – however they held up pretty well.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The Tecware Haste XL RGB is one of the few products to display meeting market demand through modification of an existing product.

The Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma is a product that caught a lot of attention and demand – Tecware released the Haste RGB to address this and with little struggle.

We’d recommend anyone to grab this mousepad – the price is worth the features and it will certainly hold out through the elements and usage through multiple sessions to come.


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