REVIEW | SpecterPro XT27Q 165hz 2k Curved Monitor – 1440p Goodness Without the Pricetag

We’ve all seen how Specterpro dominated the market for the budget monitor brand – It isn’t just about the price but some key point to note is that warranty was easy with their distributor offering 1 year outright replacement warranty compared to other brands where it surely needed sometime before having it replaced.

We’ve reviewed the fan favorite G255SL 144hz monitor from SpecterPro. It was a solid performer and was so good we bought a total of 8 pieces of the G255SL since we wrote that review and each one still working without any fuzzes on different users

As much as I’ve been a fan of non-curved monitors, we’ve felt a huge need to upgrade because the market dictates so. The G255SL is a long sought after monitor in the market but with one problem – EasyPC isn’t looking on restocking these anytime soon – As much as I love these monitors, it was time to let go of my 2 babies to more needing enthusiasts.

What’s Inside

When I meant an upgrade – it really meant an UPGRADE.
The package included a power brick which was a step up from the direct power cable of the past monitor. A completely tool-less ProBase stand, an HDMI cable, a DP cable, and some paperwork.


The XT27Q sports a look which you’ll mostly see on 20,000+ priced monitors. Of course the specs of the monitors will couple it with complimentary design and skips out on the bland nature of budget monitors.

The ProBase stand of the monitors allows vertical tilting and rotation for vertical orientation – but that’s where the movement stops and does not feature an option for horizontal adjustment.

The whole design and form of the monitor and stand allows some sleek cable management use behind it – apart from the cable management slot behind the stand, you can also directly route monitors between the stand and panel.

OSD and Navigation

The XT27Q has shifted to the flimsy and hard to guess button below the monitor to a more easily navigatable joystick at the back.

It’s rather straightforward – top and bottom gets the contrast and brightness, left gets the cancel option, and right opens up the full plethora of options the monitor has.


I bought the XT27Q for one reason and that is an upgrade – an upgrade that would feel like a huge upgrade without the pain on my budget.

The XT27Q proceeds to fulfill my reason of purchase and puts a check mark on all categories if you’re upgrading from the usual 144hz – 24in – TN panel monitor like me.

at 27 inches, standard 1800R curvature, 165hz without the need for OC, 1440p resolution, a VA panel that’s a step up from the usual TN for color accuracy purposes, and all of the other knick knacks that you would find on 20k plus 1440p monitors – 14,000 pesos for this monitor would sound like angels singing.

Further testing concludes that the panel doesn’t really hit homeruns. However, it does do a great job at having satisfying numbers such as a 99% sRGB rating on par to other branded monitors. We may have to include the factor that this is a curved monitor which is way different from a traditional flat monitor that may be the reason for the compromise of some color qualities. It also is worth noting that before and after calibration numbers weren’t far from each other which means that out of the box – the monitors will be kind of close to color accuracy terms.

27 inches is perfect for 1440p – but the picture and display is a step up from the usual 1080p. 165hz isn’t that much noticeable if you’re used to 144hz, but rather it felt like the small bump felt right along with the larger screen size and resolution – It is worth noting that your pc specs should match the resolution bump along with the larger screen size so your framerates can reach the 165hz this beast of a display comes with

We’ve tested the monitor on Rainbow Six Siege – Why? besides a game that receives regular updates on graphics and such, the game features a huge array of elements which we can measure color, details, and of course frame rate. Jiggle peeks was comfortable with the resolution and high frame rate, the color and details of different maps was deep and fitting, my 1080ti was handling the monitor’s specs so well that I don’t seen any abnormalities upon usage of a week or so.

Final Conclusion and Recommendation

The XT27Q is one of those few gems in a generation to pop-out that defines change and the reason for an upgrade. An upgrade that’s justifiable by all of the categories of function but with a bonus in the design department. SpecterPro should take care of their supply channels however to be able to supply the demands of the market and not diminish their stocks much like the phaseout of some models.

The XT27Q is the “perfect” upgrade option because it covers all of the categories you can actually improve upon – but it doesn’t come without flaws. I find the lack of horizontal movement for the monitor lacking and a weird option to skip out on as the base even has the option for vertical orientation. We also had reports of the bottom right part of the panel heating up after extended periods of use – We felt its heat upon testing, however it wasn’t detrimental on our assumptions.


  • A legitimate complete upgrade for your display if you’re coming from the usual 144hz 1080p monitor choices.
  • The ProBase stand is a multipurpose tool-less design for the stand that features cable management support and orientation movement which is smooth and spring loaded that makes adjustment of height an effortless task.
  • Joystick OSD controls make switching screen options an easier task.
  • The power brick is a step up from the usual direct cable that is prone to power fluctuation that can cause abnormalities within the monitor. The power brick aims to filter out the power before it gets to the screen.


  • The lack of horizontal movement for the monitor is a small thing but also a weird function to skip out on knowing that the ProBase stand carries all of the other movement options – even vertical orientation rotation.

Definitely, a perfect buy for the people in the market who wishes to dive deeper on a new monitor option if they’re fully satisfied with their PC specs.

A worthy successor to your old 1080p 144hz TN panel displays – Be sure to adjust your display options to 1440p, and this includes your own eyes as it 2k resolution will feel like its smaller especially on a 27in display as opposed to the standard 24 – 25in displays.

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