REVIEW | ROG Evolve Gaming Mouse and Scabbard Mousepad – Overpowered Adaptive Duo

“Endure, Adapt, and Survive – Dynamic design over the long-gone static purpose of peripherals is just the intro to the ROG Evolve and Scabbard”

The ROG Evolve and Scabbard are the epitome of the ever so fast paced and shifting world. The Evolve being a customizable and ambidextrous mouse choice for consumers who wants additional physical features while being able to have a good software to fall back on is a great combination to the Scabbard; an extra extended profile mousepad (or should we say mousemat) that takes the mousepad design and use the tactical fabric of Cordura to enhance the usual surface we’ve been used to in soft-speed profile mousepads.

Technical Specs

– Evolve

Weight: 105g
Size: Medium
Cable length: 1.8m
Interface: USB 2.0
Lighting: Software programmable RGB – Mouse back side lighting
Mouse Feet: Teflon
Shape: Ambidextrous, hybrid
Switches: Omron
Buttons: 8 (2 left side buttons, 2 right side buttons, DPI switch button, left and right click, mouse wheel button) – Customizable via the software
Scroll: Non-tilt, 24-step
Sensor: Pixart PMW-3330 (Optical)
DPI Limit: 7200 DPI
Speed: 150 IPS
Acceleration: 30G
Polling Rate: 1000Hz
Software: ROG Armoury, Macro and Profile Programmable
On-board Memory: Available

– Scabbard

Width: 900mm
Depth: 400mm
Height: 2mm
Colour: Black top surface – Red rubber bottom surface
Fabric: Cordura
Hydrophobic Surface
Speed type – Soft Surface
Anti-Slip Bottom Surface
Stitched Edges
What’s inside

  • Evolve

    The no-questions asked packaging of the Evolve made me think if the box itself was sufficiently protected. It felt light and a bit of rattle came from it.
    The box has a display type velcro door going on that lets you check out the unit without actually opening the box itself. – Premium AF.
    ROG did a great job of distributing information across the box. it isn’t cluttered and you can clearly know what you’re getting into even before you open the box. It even displays all the possible configurations at the back clearly.
    The inner box doesn’t have any compartments and provides sufficient cushioning to a product with multiple pieces inside.
    The box contains the ROG Evolve Mouse, 2 additional interchangeable top plates, 2 ROG logo stickers, and the usual user documentation papers.


  • Scabbard

    Many would expect just the usual rolled mousepad inside a box to be the standard. ROG actually took the time to put a demo of the surface outside of the box so you’re absolutely sure on what you’re getting.
    The Scabbard was rolled neatly inside the vertical oriented box. no frills and no gimmicks.


  • Evolve

Subjectively, I am used to heavier mice (I have a G502 with all the weights in as my daily driver) and this was actually pretty new to me as something lighter but not too light that I would have to turn down my 1500 dpi.

The build of the Evolve is made around ambidextrous use without losing the actual form of the mouse itself – this was done through an interchangeable top plate system consisting of magnets holding a top-left and top-right plates which has their different profiles.

Each side has a low profile and high profile plate; high profile meaning it has a higher than usual button placement.

Changing the plates is easy, there is a catch that holds the plates in place at the back of the mouse together with a magnet that locks it there. The magnets really does a great job of keeping the interchangeable plates in its spots – though sometimes it may be hesitating to put force in the plates as it feels it may crack or break with the wrong method of removal.

Buttons and the mouse wheel feel very crisp and not mushy. The tactile feel of the buttons was the fun part for me due to me being a Blue switch user on my keyboard.

Somehow the Ambidextrous High Profile setup worked well for me being able to have easily clickable buttons both left and right made the experience with the mouse easy to adjust to.

The braided cable of the Evolve was on the stiff side, thankfully the weight of the mouse made it easy to maneuver through. but this might not be the case for some users as at the end of the day – The cable is pretty stiff.

  • Scabbard

    When I heard they made a mousepad with Cordura fabric, I was both excited at the same time confused because I really didn’t know how it would play out.
    For those not familiar, Cordura fabric is a material found mostly on tactical gear. it was made with the purpose of having a fabric to withstand the elements and stress while still being non-abrasive, smooth, and soft enough with the idea of constant contact with other objects.
    ROG finally picked up the idea of integrating the fabric to the humble mousepad. They got the whole concept right – The mousepad had the qualities of a standard soft-speed type surface without being too soft.
    The subtle stiffness of the fabric made the pad retain its form and didn’t made the pad hard to squeeze on your workspace if you have a limited headroom to work with.
    Due to the smoothness and slight stiffness of the pad, gliding through the Scabbard with the Evolve was engaging and was responsive to say the least – Did we mention that it’s so big that I can fit 2 keyboards and some stuff in between?
    The rubber bottom surface wasn’t budgeted as it felt it was there unlike some unbranded mouse mat that only decided to put a slim piece of synthetic rubber just to make it look it was premium. The rubber felt it was there and did a great job of securing the pad in place.


The basic ROG Armoury II fills the roll of the software for both the Evolve and Scabbard – But wait how is the Scabbard software integrated? Well, part of the ROG integration is you can choose the surface you’re using with your ROG supported mouse at and the Scabbard is preloaded into the application.

The software is user-friendly and display all the options neatly. from button assignments, DPI setting, Polling rate, Angle Snapping, Acceleration, Button response, Lightning, Calibration.


We will be testing both products together – as we would be able to maximize the calibration settings of the Scabbard with the Evolve through the software.

The Evolve and Scabbard is a breeze to use together even without the calibration from the software. but I noticed that there was a slight improvement in responsiveness and smoothness between the cursor with the movement of the mouse when calibrated via the software.

I have tested the duo in a couple of games such as Rainbow Six: Siege, PUBG, and Overwatch.

Me being used to using a heavier and bigger mouse found the medium sized mouse to be extremely light for a “medium” mouse. I thought that it would be closer to my heavier G502, rather it came closer to the territory of lighter mice in terms of responsiveness to weight ratio. Do note that I’m using the same DPI from the my heavier mouse.

We would greatly recommend the Evolve to people who are planning to shift from heavier mice to lighter profile ones as this mouse bridges the gap between light and medium profile mice (leaning towards the lightweight though)

The Scabbard’s fabric held well against liquid as the Scabbard covered my whole desk space, I was then forced to put my cold drink on top of the pad. the moisture just sat on top of it and upon wiping, it didn’t even leave any trace of the liquid there.

We would highly recommend purchasing the duo together as the Scabbard’s features are too cool to not get if you’re already there deciding to purchase the Evolve.


The Evolve and Scabbard are truly the sword and shield of the engaging and adaptive market of the peripheral world today. Both delivers a platform to be used by anyone – even those shifting from their own class of peripherals. The Evolve is seen as a tool that anyone can wield and the Scabbard being the one that guides and bridges the gap between mouse surfaces.


Ambidextrous AF – The Evolve isn’t just the one ambidextrous here, the size of the Scabbard itself provides enough room in shifting the mouse left to right without issues. The Evolve gives a great platform for left handed people to right handed ones without compromising either.

Software-tegration – The software integration of ROG products are worth having a set of them and it’s conveniently presented that you won’t have any frills from switching settings from one peripheral to the other

“Evolving” Economy – The Evolve is priced at around the 3000 php (more or less) mark. this price point is often populated by premium mice with premium features except Ambidextrous support.

The Evolve bridges the gap between premium features with Ambidex support which is a great deal in our opinion

Tactical Superiority – ROG’s decision to use Cordura with the Scabbard was perfect. Carrying subtle stiffness, liquid resistance, and smooth-soft properties made Scabbard acquire premium points in our regards


The Price to Pay – The Scabbard while we have tested to be worth the premium price (2500 php) can be a fast drop to most of the consumer base, even if we can confirm the price to be worth the Scabbard itself

Keep both hands and feet inside the boat at all times – We mentioned the Evolve having both 2 side buttons on each side. We also noticed the non-dominant side buttons catching our at rest fingers at rare times which can be very annoying. However, it happens rarely – just be careful of your bindings to avoid having a random command assigned to that button.

We’re glad to award the “Premium Pass” and “Breaking the Trend” award to the Scabbard. The premium take on using Cordura fabric and performing exceptionally well on our review.

While giving the “Recommendation Nation” and “Breaking the Trend” award to the Evolve mouse. You really can’t go wrong when you recommend this mouse to someone.

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