REVIEW | Razer Viper: Peripheral Poison

Is the Razer Viper a true testament to feedback from the enthusiast community of a peripheral? A reinvention, a step back from the usual designs we saw from Razer – but an actual step to the right path in developing the correct products moving forward.

Quick Technical Specs:

What’s in the Box:

Basic Razer package where the mouse is kept in a snug cradle together with the necessary paperwork and a set of Razer stickers. The lightweight mouse was expected even before opening the box as the whole package falls on lighter side of the spectrum.

Aesthetics and Build

Razer has taken the right turn to listen to the correct trends that are re-shaping the peripheral world in less than a year. The Viper is the birth of clear community and enthusiast engagement.

The Viper has everything it needs to keep up with the latest trends as well as being a viable option for most consumers following a medium form factor. I absolutely loved the texture of the mouse that gives it a grit feel that also serves as protection from the elements such as sweat and dust.

Having a medium size form factor – I had no problem using this mouse even if I was used to larger mice. I had a friend who’s used to smaller mice and he also gave a thumbs up for this mouse. The design of the mouse also allows it to be used with all the type of grips and the symmetrical aspect of the Viper makes it usable by left and right handed consumers.


The Viper takes note of every trend for mice and tried their best to put it on. The mouse isn’t the lightest but it’s part of the lightweight pack without punching holes through it. But how well does the whole package compare from usage and numerical tests?

Speaking of numbers, The Viper have very minute isolated cases of inconsistencies basing on the dots away from the graph line but I’m surprised that the mice keeps this small number of inconsistencies even up to the highest DPI – where most mice display more inconsistencies as the DPI increases.

I’ve tested the Viper through 2 weeks of usage and with a mix of uses from regular office work, editing, and playing games – namely CSGO, Apex Legends, and Overwatch.

The Viper truly has a difference if you’re used to heavier mice. My daily driver is a G502 Hero and it is way heavier than this mouse and I still didn’t have any problem transitioning and enjoying the weight shed off from the Viper. My usual 16k DPI along with a lighter mice was like a groundbreaking moment for me when it felt smooth even with the added speed. Lift off with the mice is a crucial factor for this review as this is a lightweight mouse – frequent lift offs weren’t physically taxing and even with the fast lift off, the sensor was great enough to negate any unwanted movement during the lifting.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Razer has really outdone themselves this year. I would be lying if I said that the Viper didn’t impress me. The mouse just didn’t pass me as a product but Razer has redeemed itself within the ranks of the brands in my liking.

Lightweight, Great cable system, Fail-Proof design. Not the lightest but it passes as a light cursor director! The mouse features a symmetrical design that’ll work ambidextrously and with any grip. One of the best features the mouse has is the full texture design it has that acts as grip and protection.

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