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AeroCool sent us another case for review and this one has an interesting design features that is meant to showcase your PC’s hardware and RGB: the AeroCool Playa. Its a mid-tower case with an RGB LED on the front panel and comes with a tempered-glass side and front panels.

At an SRP of Php2,950, this case is worth considering because of it’s design features allows for a lot of visual eye-candy and room for high performance hardware.

Quick Specifications

Case Dimensions

Maximum GPU Length

Maximum CPU Cooler Height

Case Drive Bays

Radiator Compatibility

Fan Compatibility

211 x 480 x 432mm (W x H x D)

376mm (without front fan)

CPU coolers up to 159mm

(x2) 3.5in (x2) 2.5in

120mm (rear), 240mm (front and top), 280mm (top ), 360mm (front )

120mm (3 front, 2 top, 1 rear), 140mm (2 top)


Aerocool Playa RGB, tempered glass on the side and front

This case features tempered-glass on the side and front panel to show off your components. The front panel’s has this unique block design and an RGB led strip that has 13 different lighting presets that can be changed by the RGB button on the side. There are also fan filters on the top and bottom of the case.

Front panel

The power button, RGB lighting switch, audio input/output, and two USB 2.0 ports are located on the side of the front panel. These are also RGB lit which adds to it’s unique personality.

The RGB lighting of the case is powered by a SATA power connection and it is not addressable via software.

Airflow concerns

Though the Playa’s design aesthetically pleasing, one thing we found lacking is the air vents on the front panel. As you can see on the picture below, there is a very narrow opening where air can flow through with the intake fans. We think that AeroCool should’ve opened up more breathing vents on the sides of the front panel as there is enough width to have strong airflow.

Inside of the case

Taking a look at the inside of the case you can see that you have room for a standard ATX motherboard. The top portion of the case has clearance for two 120mm or 140mm fans, as well as room for a 280mm radiator. This also means that cables routed through the top portion will be easy to reach.

Unfortunately, there are no rubber grommets on the cable routing holes that could’ve allowed for cleaner looking cable management.

On the back side, there is enough depth (around 2cm) on the cable management area for easy routing of cables. There are also mounting for two 2.5″ drives which will have to be screwed from the other side of the case. This is fine for most cases but we wish that they could’ve included drive trays for this.

On the front, there are mounts for three 120mm case fans / 360mm radiator. We wish there could’ve have been support for 140mm fans as well for more cooling options.

On the bottom, you will find the PSU shroud and the hard drive cage. Unfortunately, the 3.5″ drives will have to be screwed directly on the cage because there are no tool-less drive trays.

People might find the PSU compartment to be a little bit tight as the drive cage takes up a lot of space to allow mounting for the bottom 120mm front fan and 360mm radiator.

Not the best cable management, but you get the idea.

Included accessories

The AeroCool Playa actually comes with a 120mm fan, but with no screws for the fan itself. Then you have the standard case screws and a quick installation guide.

Lit up, building experience, final thoughts

Building a PC using this case is such a joy as there are a lot of room for cable management on both the back and front sides. It wasn’t difficult to route the 12v EPS CPU power cable to the top of the motherboard thanks to the huge clearance on top of the case.

The RGB really looks great on this case. The tempered glass front and sides really helps in showing of your components. The RGB strip on the front and the side buttons are a unique eye candy which will satisfy RGB enthusiasts out there.

We noticed a lot of corner cutting when it comes to the way they packaged the AeroCool Playa , notably: the lack of hard drive trays, mounting of 140mm fans in the front, and even providing screws for the included 120mm fans.

But these shortcomings can be brushed aside as building a PC on this case is very easy thanks to it’s cable management features, plus, it’s unique RGB aesthetic.

We personally wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this case for new PC builders for the value it provides. Though there were some things that can be improved upon, we don’t think you can find any other RGB tempered glass case that can match up to the AeroCool Playa in the aesthetics department given it’s bang for the buck SRP.


  • Great RGB aesthetics.
  • Easy to build on thanks to it’s well thought out cable management features.
  • Fairly priced for a tempered glass PC case.


  • Restricted airflow
  • Lacking 140mm fan mounts.

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